Informazioni base
Tipo di azienda: Produttore, Trading Company
Prodotto/Servizio: aglio, Ceretta, Aerosol, Capi di Abbigliamento, cosmetici
Ubicazione: -, Turkey
Anno Fondazione: 2006
Anno dell’inizio dell’esportazione: 2011
Numero di dipendenti: 11 - 50 Persone
Entrate totali (Anno precedente): US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Mercati Principali: Europa occidentale,Mid East,Africa,Europa orientale,Asia orientale
Tempo medio di consegna: 10 giorni
Profilo Società

Asil Group which provides service and structures for the needs of people, increases the quality of life and improves itself constantly has been founded in 2016 with entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit. With the years of experience, the company studiously continues the activities that have started in the cosmetics sector without any hesitation. The company has organized an experienced professional team in a short time and has succeeded in bringing a breath of fresh air and a new view to the Turkish cosmetics sector. With visionary structure of always aiming the best, the company has achieved in taking the stage both package selection and quality products. The rapid growth in a short time has been stabilized and Asil Group has taken its place among the respected and reliable companies in the cosmetics industry. Our company which exports to more than 30 countries regularly has developed a long-termed cooperation by making contact good and strong relationships with distinguished customers and aims to increase the number of countries that it exports every day. Asil Group has taken as principle of "No stopping until the whole world recognizes us" and continues to do its part thoroughly. Asil Group has made great investments in Istanbul with its people-oriented sense of responsibility, risk-taking entrepreneur and dynamic structure and has achieved a well-respected place among the big organizations operating across the country with the outstanding achievements. The original package selection to NISHMAN and PION brands, R & D, manufacturing initiatives are the most important step for Asil Group to become a global company. Asil Group aims to grow by contributing to the country's economy and by further strengthening institutional structure with skilled labourer and by taking advantages of the possibilities offered by modern management approach. With its wide range of products especially for beauty salons and hairdresser, the company has aimed to offer the end user products and made R & D and manufacturing investments in this direction. All products have original design and package and act with slogan "The City Senior" for NISHMAN and "The Incarnation of Creation" for PION. Asil Group confidently takes firm steps forward towards its goals with proven cosmetics experience in international arena, project management with expert staff and team work, the aim of delivering quality products across the world in time and cost-effective and the principle based on customer satisfaction.

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Capacità della compagnia

Capacità commerciale Europa occidentale : 15.00% Mid East : 15.00% vedere altre
Capacità di produzione Dimensione della fabbrica : 1,000-3,000 metri quadrati N° di linee di prodotto : Above 10 vedere altre
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