In Acciaio Inox Esagonale Tipi di Dado di Bloccaggio

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$0.01 - $0.03 / Parte | 100000 Parte/parti (Ordine minimo)
rapporto di Attività Sospette
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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
Numero del Modello:
BACCANO, DIN, ANSI, GB,Non-standard,etc.
Stainless Steel Hexagon Types Lock Nut
Stainless steel,carbon steel,Alloy steel,Aluminium,copper,etc
Machine & Electronic equipment,auto,etc
Size scope:
M3-M10 * 5-120mmL
4.8,8.8,10.9,12.9. etc.
Surface finish:
Polishing,zinc plated, hot-dip,black anodize,copper red,black lacquer
Heat treatment:
Tempering,Hardening,Spheroidizing,Stress Relieving.
self-tapping, or self-drilling; full thread or half.
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
25000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Piccola scatola/poli sacchetto + carton + pallet
Formato della scatola: 28*20*22 CENTIMETRI e 28*20*16 CENTIMETRI o sulla base del cliente richiede.
Dimensioni Pallet: 110*100*90 CENTIMETRI
Shenzhen or Guangzhou

Stainless Steel Hexagon Types Lock Nut   

1.Product Specification...

  • Raw Materials
  6.Aluminum:Al6061, Al6063,etc.
  7.Carbonsteel:C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K, C1045,etc.
  8.Alloy steel:SCM435,10B21,etc.
  • Application
Electronic equipment,Machinery,Buildings,Sanitary fittings,Sports equipment,Auto,etc.
  • Size scope
M3-M10 * 5-120mmL
  • Standard
ISO,DIN,AS/NZS,GB,ANSI,BSW,DIN and special standard according to the drawing.
  • Grade
Class 4.8, Class 6.8, Class 8.8, Class 10.9, Class 12.9,etc.
  • Surface finishing
Plain,polishing,zinc plated, Ni-plated,Tin-plated,hot-dip galvanized,black anodize,black lacquer,copper red,Chromate,Chrome plated,etc.
  • Heat treatment
Tempering,Hardening,Spheroidizing,Stress Relieving.
  • Sample finished time
Within 7 days with available mould,for free.
  • Bulk delivery time
10-15 working days or TBD based on the specific order quantities.
  • Production flow
Heading→washer assembly→Threading→Secondary machine→heat treatment→plating→Anti-slipping→Baking→QA Inspection&sorting→Packing→Shipping.


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2.The Factory and workshop show...


A.Factory and office:


 B.Workshop (screw cold heading area): 

C.Workshop(screw thread rolling area): 



D.Multistation Cold Forging Area:




E.Raw material warehouse: 


Our screws are made with first quality materials,all our suppliers carry out strict quality controls on the materials in order to get the best quality performance as required by our internal procedures.




F.Moulds Show: 


3.Quality Checking ...

  • We have lots of inspection equipments to check and control the product quality,all  finished products will undertake a 24-48h salt spray test procedure before final examination.
  • We inspect the performance of tuning,display quality, component stability and packing.
  • All that we do is to make the goods reach the best quality as the customers require.


4. Packing show...

  • First,We usually pack the goods in small plastic bags or boxes.
  • Second, Pack the small bags or boxes into big cartons.
  • Several cartons will be put onto a pallet. 

    All this process make sure the goods kept well during transportation. 



6.Customers Visit:




  • We pursue the management tenet of "Quality is superior, Service is supreme, Reputation is first", We've passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. All the goods we sell out will be well replaced or repaired if there is any quality defect on our products within one year.
  • We will sincerely create and share success with all clients, We welcome you to contact us for more information and look forward to working with you!   


Taishin (Dongguan) Metal Products Factory ( was founded in 1998,which occupy the plant area of 4000 square meters.


Our factory has formed a professional development team,and we equip lots of high-precision machines and machining facilities.We are specialized in making various kinds of stainless steel screw, non-standardscrews,special screws and other hardware accessories,our products are applicable to electric appliance, auto, sanitary appliance, loudspeaker box,medical appliance, electronic,communication, sports equipments, etc..


All products are made with environmental protection material,we can provide materials certifiaction and SGS report. Our products have been well sold nationwide,and also sold to overseas market.
We are committed to continuously improve the level of production technology and product quality, to keep the good quality reputation and fast delivery service,to make our products be in favor of many clients.
Meanwhile,we can design and produce all kinds of screws according to customers' specific requirements.
Our company insist on the business principle of "quality first,customer supreme",provide customers with the most first class product,we sincerely welcome all friends to contact us for more information and look forward to working with you!
If you need any screws products,please don't hesitate to contact with me,we'll provide the best products and service to you.


If you have any enquires or questions on the Stainless Steel Hexagon Types Lock Nut  ,please don't hesitate to contact with me as below: 


Foreign TradeSalesman ID:dltxwj


Email: lionfish @ 



We are Manufacturer all type of screw:-
-drywall screw
-wood screw
-self drilling screw
-self drill screw
-ball screw
-machine screw
-self tapping screw
-stainless steel screw
-ground screw
-chipboard screw
-torx screws
-lead screw
-patta screws
-bed screw
-titanium screw
-decorative screws
-furniture screw
-bed frame screws
-roofing screws
-concrete screw
-thumb screw
-handbag screws
-gypsum screw
-dental implants screw
-hex screw
-sem screw
-dry wall screw
-chicago screws
-double sided screw
-flat head screw
-male and female screw
-socket head cap screws
-screws and fasteners
-hollow screw
-copper screw
-confirmat screw
-furniture cam screws
-screw sleeve
-electronic screw
-brass self tapping screw
-titanium dental implant screw
-set screw
-eye screws
-1mm screws
-special screw
-hex head self drilling screws
-stainless steel self tapping screw
-hand tighten screws
-cap screws
-stainless steel thumb screws
-decking screws
-big head screws
-hexagon screw
-table leg screws
-headless screw
-male female screws
-furniture screws and bolts
-tapping screw
-aluminum set screws
-rivet screw
-nail screw
-stainless steel decking screws
-torx wood screw
-furniture assembly screw
-knurled thumb screw
- hex flange self drilling screw
- white head self drilling screw
- waterproof screws
- screw bolts
- female screw
- aluminum screw
- brass screw
- hex head self tapping screw
- double threaded screw
- countersunk head self drilling screw
- plastic thumb screw
- anti-theft screw
- cork screw
- titanium surgical screws
- pan head self tapping screw
- hex washer head self drilling screw
- grub screw
- bone screw
- stainless steel countersunk head screws
- stainless steel self drilling screw
- pan head self drilling screws
- drilling screw
- colored screws
-adjustable screw
- standoff screw
- philips pan head screws
- lock screw
- hexagon socket head cap screw
- socket head self tapping screw
- hex self drilling screw
- camera screws
- self drilling concrete screws
- metal screw
- collated screws
- cam lock screws
- stainless screw
- phillips hex head screw
- glass screw
- csk head self drilling screw
- computer screws
- l-shaped screws
- m3 screw
- m3 self tapping screws
- hot dip galvanized self drilling screw
- hex head wood screw
- furniture screws connecting bolts
- screw nail
- screw eye
- no head screw
- galvanized self tapping screw
- brass wooden screws
- security screws
- screw anchor
- flat head self tapping screws
- magnetic head screw
- spring screw
- combination screw
- teflon screw
- allen screw
- furniture lock screw
- socket head wood screws
- desk screw
- brass decorative screw
- screw and bolt
- acme lead screw
- torx socket head cap screw
- decorative screws and bolts
- hiwin ball screw
- nylon patch screw
- collated drywall screws
- din 7504 self drilling screws
- painted head self drilling screws
- ball head screw
- square head screws
- tungsten screws
- screw and nut
- slotted set screws
- tripod screw
- phillips pan head self tapping screw
- orthopedic screws
- leg adjustable screw
- self drilling torx head screw
- coach screw
- wafer head screws
- safety screws
- micro screw
- knob screw
- trapezoidal screw
- stainless steel decorative screws
- din7504k self drilling screws
- binding screws
- anodized screws
- decorative head screw
- steel screw
- self threading screw
- expansion screws
- self drilling tapping screws
- screw clamp
- extruder screw
- two way screw
- hex washer head self tapping screw
- socket set screw
- lag screw
- double head screws
- self drilling screws with washer
- magnetic screw
- mirror screw
- nylon screw
- hexagon wood screws
- half thread screw
- mini screw
- internal thread screw
- gypsum board screws
- double threaded wood screws
- screw with rubber washer
- fine adjustment screw
- watch screws
- screw manufacturer
- mushroom head screw
- pan head hex special screw
- screw set
- white wood screws
- double sided wood screw
- roofing screw with washer rubber
- colored wood screw
- m8 standard screws
- cabinet hinge screws
- bugle head drywall screws
- mobile phone screw
- hex washer head tapping screws
- assembly screws
- nylon set screw
- slotted cheese head screws
- roofing self tapping screw
- wing screw
- tek screws
- tool holder insert screw
- plug screw
- phillips pan head self drilling screws
- fixing screws
- screw m1.5
- metal self tapping screws
- thread screw
- self drilling tek screw
- hex socket furniture screw
- eccentric screw
- m4 screw
- small head screw
- leather belt screws
- book screw
- leg screw
- screw fastener
- stainless steel chicago screws
- socket countersunk head cap screw
- dome headed screw
- truss head self drilling screw
- furniture connecting screws
- titanium bone screw
- welding screw
- dental screw
- window frame screw
- button head self-tapping screw
- galvanized pan head self tapping screw
- 8mm lead screw
- earth screw anchors
- small head self tapping screw
- cylinder screw
- captive screw
- stainless thumb screws
- knurled screw
- m1.6 screws
- pan framing head self drilling screw
- m5 screw
- euro screw
- wafer head self tapping screws
- stainless steel wood screws
- m6 self tapping screws
- wing nut screw
- glasses screw
- plastic wood screws
- screws, nuts, bolts
- rolled ball screw
- rubber tipped screws
- cnc ball screw
- twin screw
- cone head screws
- star head screws
- rubber cap for screw
- cross pan head screw
- small screw
- modified truss head self drilling screws
- knurled head thumb screw
- electrical screws
- stainless steel set screws
- thread hollow screw
- rigging screw
- double screw
- custom screw
- cheap wood screws
- plastic strip collated screws
- zinc screw
- furniture shelf support screws
- sheet metal screws
- flower head screw
- decorative wood screw
- hex socket screw
- wheel screw
- step screws
- furniture assembly wood screw
- steel self drilling screw
- black drywall screw
- sandwich panel screw
- spine titanium pedicle screws
- pan head screw
- shoulder screw
- self tapping drywall screw
- screw m7
- round head cap screw
- screw terminal block 2.5mm
- rubber screw
- m2.5 screw
- galvanized screws
- bolts and nuts screws
- insert screw
- implant screw
- pigtail screw
- phillips head screw
- jack screw
- decorative mirror screw
- countersunk screw hex head wood screw
- m9 screw
- fastener screw
- m3 thumb screws
- nylok screw
- decorative screw fasteners
- two headed screws
- taper set screw
- plastic cap screw
- decorative screws with washers
- washer head self drilling screw
- socket screw
- bolts screws
- air compressor screw
- plastic head screw
- flat head white zinc self tapping screws
- slot pan head screw
- self reversing screw
- wing nuts bolt screw
- cylinder head screw
- stainless steel hex head self tapping screw
- din 7516 self cutting screws
- copper wood screws
- small size screw
- flange socket head cap screw
- cross recessed pan head screws
- hex flange self tapping screw
- fish eye screw
-cortical screw
- din 965 machine screw
- m3 copper screw
- low head socket head cap screw
- anchor screw
- m5 self tapping screws
- black screw
- serrated head screw
- head screws
- hex socket set screws
- white phillips headed screws
- optical screws
- hexagon socket cap screw
- fine thread metric screws
- ball set screw
- sheet metal roofing screws
- plastic wing screw
- din 7505 chipboard screws
- clamp screw
- bolt and screw
- self drilling roof screw
- csk screw
- solar ground screw
- hex socket countersunk screws
- connecting screw
- m2 self-tapping screws
- key ring screw
- brass set screws
- hose clamps with thumb screw
- wholesale drywall screws
- colored self tapping screws
- button head wood screw
- m2.5 self tapping screws
- two sided screw
- screws all types
- brass security screws
- black phosphate drywall screw
- half round head screw
- dowel screw
- dental titanium screw
- type 17 screw
- nuts and self tapping screw
- hex key screw
- dual thread screw
- stainless steel hex head wood screw
- special head screw
- partial thread screw
- cheese head screw
- socket cap screws
- metric furniture screws
- hex socket head set screw
- pin screw
- m6 screw
- molybdenum screw
- brass thumb screw
- screw washer
- rubber head screw
- rack bolt screw
- iron screw
- sus screw
- furniture screws and fasteners
- hex head sems screw
- stud welding screw
- socket pan head screws
- parallel twin screw
- button head torx screw
- spot welding screw
- decorative metal screws
- phillips cheese head machine screw
- phillips pan head screw
- hex socket button head cap screw
- hex head flange wood screw
- conical screw
- computer desk screws
- tungsten carbide screw
- hookah with screw
- hexagon head self tapping screws
- binding post screws
- extrusion screw
- countersunk head screw
- Plastic washer screw
- plastic lead screw
- long screw
- key chain screw
- plastic machine screw
- hexagon cap screws
- aluminum wood screw
- self drive screw
- cabinet connecting screws
- sunken head screw
- masonry screws
- din 913 set screw
- cheap ball screw
- hex head screw
- buildex screw
- copper plated screw
- plastic set screw
- phillips screws
- din 571 hex head wood screw
- tamper proof screw
- rubber bumper screw
- din912 screw
- brass allen screw
- hdpe screw
- titanium alloy screw
- slotted wood screws
- half thread wood screw
- flat head socket head cap screw
- bleeder screws
- allen head screw
- hex socket pan head screw
- brass male and female screw
- orthodontics screw
- cheap drywall screw
- cable connector screw
- stainless steel eye screw
- fashion handbag screws
- 2mm stainless steel self tapping screw
- miniature ball screw
- titanium plates and screws
- philips screws
- m4 pan head screw
- hardened steel screw
- bleed screw
- thread cutting screws
- hex socket countersunk head screw
- countersunk flat head screws
- torx pan head screw
- self-drilling screw
- folding wing screw
- spring set screw
- precise screw
- pin head screw
- copper machine screw
- aluminum lead screw
- nsk ball screw
- phillips flange head screw
- flat head machine screw
- titanium screw m3
- nylon anchor screw
- dog point socket set screw
- ceiling tile screw
- plastic screw m10
- hex head slotted screw
- din 7976 tapping screws
- decorative screws and nuts
- decorative furniture screw
- self tapping set screw
- m2 screw
- locking wood screws
- hex flange head self drilling screw
- f6 screws
- countersunk tek screw
- 5mm screw
- titanium tapered head screw
- small wood screw
- high temperature screw
- hex socket head cap screw
- carbon steel c1022 screw
- titanium socket head cap screws
- thread forming screw
- rivet head screw
- plasterboard screws
- metal key ring with screw
- m4 thumb screws
- long thread screw
- titanium micro screw
- self tapping concrete screws
- flat head plastic screw
- deck self drilling screws
- truss head hex socket screws
- pentagon screw
- phillips bugle head drywall screws
- nylon thumb screw
- mini extruder screw
- fasteners bolts nuts screws
- dacromat steel screw
- injection screw
- csk chipboard screw
- ceramic coated screws
- cable clamps screw
- special nuts bolts screw fasteners
- slot screw
- m4 captive screws
- hook tapping screw
- phillips pan head machine screw
- pan head shoulder screw
- long self tapping screw
- double end stud screws
- 1.5mm diameter screw
- stainless steel security screws
- slotted countersunk head wood screws
- pan head machine screw
- long shank screws
- galvanized drywall screw
- stainless steel machine screws
- medical screw
- m4 standard screws
- hex lag screw
- carpenter screws
- brass binding screws
- adjustable table leg screw
- t screw
- m8 knurled thumb screw
- inter screw
- construction screws
- big head wood screws
- anodized aluminum screw
- swivel eye screw
- knurled cap screw
- hex washer head screw
- hex cap screw
- hair scissors screw
- stainless steel washer head screws
- stainless steel wafer head self drilling screws
- socket head thin cap screw
- long wood screws
- decorative machine screws
- bugle head screws
- terminal block screw
- stainless steel hex head screws
- screw 3mm
- philips head screw
- factory bed frame screws
- chainsaw adjust screw
- bind head screw
- black oxide hex screw
- wall mount screws
- sheet metal self tapping screws
- phillips wafer head self drilling screws
- phillips flat head wood screws
- micro self tapping screws
- brass screw m4
- small machine screws
- flange screw
- conveyor screw
- truss head self tapping screw
- motorcycle mirror screw
- mini implant screw
- black wood screw
- stainless knurled thumb screw
- m2.6 screw
- furniture insert screw
- earth screws
- aluminum hex screw
- types of furniture screw
- torx self tapping screw
- spring lock screw
- phillips truss head screw
- hex socket self tapping screws
- hex flange head screw
- handle screw
- decorative wheel screws
- chrome plated wood screws
- truss head screw
- screw down clamp
- plastic knob screws
- hex washer head wood screws
- din 7982 tapping screws
- torx head screws
- ss screw
- stainless machine screws
- pin hex socket screws
- metalic thumb screws
- m6 flat head screw
- m8x1.5 screws
- galvanized self drilling screw
- cutting screw
- threaded rods screw
- socket shoulder screw
- slotted truss head machine screw
- wear washer screws
- spring loaded screw
- oval point set screw
- hex flange screw
- feed screw
- dowel screw fasteners
- csk torx screw
- countersunk self drilling screw
- bugle head self drilling screw
- sewing machine parts screws
- pan screw
- full thread wood screws
- window screw
- white head screws
- wing screw m6
- wafer head wood screw
- titanium self-tapping screws
- speaker connector terminal screw
- screw sand washer
- oem screws
- hammer head screw
- eye lag screws
- expansion bolt plastic screw
- din 933 standard titanium screw
- dacromet screws
- brass knurled head screw
- brass eye screw
- 6-32 screw
- steel door hinge screws
- j hook screw
- full thread screw
- din 84 screw
- single screw
- m3 hex screw
- m10 knurled thumb screw
- door lock screw
- colored drywall screw
- brass machine screws
- automatic screw
- 4-40 titanium screws
- torx security screws
- self tapping screw m8
- plastic screw m3
- large head screws
- indented hex head screw
- drywall gypsum screw
- phillips flat head self drilling screw
- m6 plastic screw
- hexagon washer self drilling screw
- surgical screw
- stainless steel torx screw
- stainless steel drywall screw
- peg screw
- hi-lo thread screws
- hex socket wood screws
- din 915 socket set screws
- din standard chipboard screw


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