Attrezzature per la costruzione di terreno nail drilling rig di perforazione progetto

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Supporto Trasporto merci via mare · Trasporto merci via terra
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Industrie applicabili:
Aziende agricole, Lavori di costruzione, Energia e di Estrazione Mineraria
Piattaforma di produzione rotativa, Impianto di perforazione rotary
Tipo di potere:
Punto d'origine:
Shandong, China
Costruire costruzione, Minerale, Idraulico di Perforazione Rotary Ri
380 V
Dimensione (L*W*H):
4700*2200*3000 millimetri
13-15 t
5 Anni
Servizio After-sales fornito:
Video di supporto tecnico, Supporto on-line, Campo di installazione, messa in servizio e la formazione, Campo di manutenzione e servizio di riparazione
Dopo-Servizio di vendita Fornito:
Gli ingegneri a disposizione per macchine di servizio all'estero
Attrezzature di perforazione di ruota 360
Lunghezza del telaio:
Altezza totale (M):
Peso della macchina (t):
Giallo verde
Profondità di foratura:
10-30 m
Diametro della punta:
500-1400 millimetri
Certificazione di prodotto certification
CE Certificato.
Valid from 2018-02-01 until 2023-01-31
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
50 Set/Sets per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Secondo le esigenze del cliente


Product TypeDL-360
Chassis length.(mm)4700
tyre model825-16
Machine weight.(t)10-13
Maximum drilling depth.(m)10-30(Optional)
Drilling diameter.(mm)500-1500
Engine brandWeichai
Engine Model4108/6105(Optional)
Engine rated power.(KW/rpm)85KW-126KW
Drive typeFour-wheel drive
Travelling modeMechanical
Maximum Torque of Power Head.(KN.m)24000-30000
Power head speed.(rpm)10-30
Power head whether to provide customYes
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system main pump.(MPa)25
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system auxiliary pump.(MPa)     12
Maximum bow rate of the main pump hydraulic systen.(L/min)50*2
Maximum bow rate of the auxiliary pump hydraulic systen.(L/min)16
Maximum pressure of the pressurization system.(KN)80
Maximum lifting force of the pressurization system.(KN)80
Maximum travel pressure system.(m)20
Maximum lifting force of the main winch.(KN)80
Maximum pull-up speed of the main winch. (m/min)80
Maximum lifting force of the auxiliary winch.(KN)15
Maximum pull-up speed of the auxiliary winch.(m/min)50
Maximum lifting power of the auxiliary winch.(t)1.5
Left and right inclination angle of drilling mast.(°)±5
Forward inclination angle of drilling mast.(°)4
Maximum driving speed.(KM/h)35
Maximum climbing angle.(°)30
Overall width of working state.(mm)4000
Overall length of transport status.(mm)10200
Overall width of transport status.(mm)2200
Overall height of transport status.(mm)3000
Drill rod typeSquare rod. pressurized type/self-pressure
Drill rod whether to provide customYes
  Drilling tools500-1500mm drilling bit,Drlling Barrel,Coring drill,Reaming drilling bit

The advantages of drilling equipment used in metro engineering are obvious, the applicability is strong, the automation degree is high, the labor intensity is low, the drilling efficiency is high, the quality of pile forming is good, and the environmental pollution is small. It can significantly improve the construction efficiency and quality of the project. In the rational selection of construction methods and construction process, it can maximize the savings of material, financial, human and other resources. It has a win-win significance for enterprise benefit and social security.

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Our Advantage

1. Rotary Excavator is a kind of integrated Drilling Machine, which can be used in many kinds of bottom layer, having the characteristics of high speed of hole-forming, low pollution and strong maneuverability.

2. A short spiral drill can be used for dry digging, and a rotary drill can be used for wet digging. Equipped with punching hammer, the rotary excavator can be used to drill through the hard strata.

3. It can be expanded at the bottom of the hole, If the drilling tool is used. The rotary excavator adopts multi-layer telescopic drill pipe, which has less support time and low labor intensity.

4. Do not require mud circulating slag and cost saving, which is especially suitable for the construction of urban construction.

5. Hydraulic Oil models are selected according to local climate:  34#, 46# and 68#.

6. After the first time receiving of Rotary Drilling Rig, release diesel and clean the fuel tank. According to the climate, the diesel is added for the same model: -40#, -30#, -20#, -10# and 0#.

7. After 100 hours of all engines work, release and replace engine oil.

8. After 100 hours of all engines work, release and replace the coolant of the water tank.

9. Cummins engine, please timely contact the local service station for the record, so as to maintain it in future. Otherwise all consequences will be at your own peril, when out of warranty time.



new condition water well hole uasge drilling rig 

 When digging a hole, the drill bit revolves around the vertical axis and makes the axial movement. Soil under the torque and axial force of drill bit will  be cutting. During the process of working, under the action of centrifugal force and extrusion of the blade,  soil are destroyed and brroke up. The formation of soil flows pressure to the pit wall, at the same time along the surface up to ground. When the soil flow moves to the place, where is no barrier of pit wall, the whole excavation process is completed due to the centrifugal force of the broken earth being thrown around the pit.

Equipped with different drills:

Our Company
Our factory and working place

Refers to the sense of teamwork cooperation, team members’ performance is one of the characteristics for collaboration, the interdependence between team members, mutual respect, tolerance and respect for individual differences, a relationship of trust between each other, treat people sincerely, respect the promise, help each other and improve together; Share interests and achievements and share responsibility. The sense of cooperation should be cultivated in the process of working, and the person in charge of the team should first be the family in mind.

Shandong Dingli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Tengzhou, the south of Shandong Province, where is the hometown of  Mo-tse. We specialize in the products of Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig, Wheeled Rotary Drilling Rig and Diesel Hammer, Photovoltaic Piling Machine and other Construction Machinery.  After our success in domestic market, we are ready to introduce our products to oversea market. With our rich experience and professional knowledge, we hope to bring our best service and products to oversea clients.

Our Certification: 


new condition water well hole uasge drilling rig 


1. Check whether the oil quantity is sufficient, make sure the oil quality is normal.

2. Check whether the gear oil of each reducer is sufficient, make sure the oil quality is normal.

3. Check whether there is oil leakage phenomenon, tighten the loose hose.

4. Check whether the lifting device is flexible and whether the internal butter is contaminated.

5. Check whether there are cracks, rust, out of soldering and other damage in the frame structure, tighten bolts.

6. Check the electrical wire, sensor, operation button handle and other working conditions.

7. Check whether the main and auxiliary wire rope has broken, and its connection is safe and reliable, and whether the strength of pressure rope equipment is sufficient.

8. Whether all transmission parts are fastened.

9. The engine hydraulic system will preheat for 5-20 minutes in advance, according to different climate, and check whether the instrument is normal.

10. After 100 hours of the first time work, release the Hydraulic Oil, and oil of the radiator, clean and replace the damaged filter, use 3.5 litres of diesel. Inject 160 litres of special hydraulic oil, after clean the tank (Requirements: Oil level must not less than 80% of the level gauge of the fuel tank, when stop the machine.)


Our Customers


Our Services

Shandong Dingli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in mechanical production line, the company and scientific research, production, sales and after-sales as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise,we always adhere to the company's "Three For" spirit, "For community", "For customers" and "For responsibility". We provide you 24 hours of hotline for after-sales service, so that the majority of users can create greater value.

new condition water well hole uasge drilling rig 

We have technical engineers, who are qualified to solve the problems that you suffered from our machines. As an experienced manufacturer, we have many sponsors in different areas from our country, we also have enough spare parts in our stock for clients immediately delivery.




Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, our company was established in 1995. We are a professional Rotary Drilling Rig Manufacturer and have many years of technological exchange with Xozhou Heavy Industry Group.


Q2: What does your company produce? 

A: The main products of our company include Ground Hole Drilling Machine, Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig, Wheeled Rotary Drilling Rig and Diesel Hammer, Photovoltaic Piling Machines and other Construction Machinery, etc.


Q3: How about your delivery time?

A: Normally the delivery time is about 7-15 days. For some special case, we can make it within 2 weeks, which depends on different products.


Q4: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, etc. Of course we can have a discussion for this.

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Email:  alice(at)

WhatsApp:  +86-15866237600

WeChat:  15866237600

Skype:  +86-15866237600

Tell:  +86-15866237600

QQ:  1615957371


                      No.888 West of Jinghe Road, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province, China. 


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