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United Kingdom


Cake Pans
Cake Baking Tins
Baking Tins
Novelty Baking Tins
Wedding Baking Tins

We are the direct manufacturer - wholeseller - retailers of  Cake Baking Tins - Cake Baking pans - Metal and Crystal Polymer Cake Displays - Crystal Polymer Impression rolling pins - Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors -  Snowing Chritsmas Trees.


We are based in United Kingdom and shipped very regularly to USA - Canada - Europe and Australia.


For any further information please do not hesistate to contact us .


Our list of Products includes:


1. Cake baking Tins 100+ Designs in various shapes and sizes


2. Cake Baking Pans 100 + Designs in various shapes and sizes


3. Novelty baking tins and pans in 30 + Designs


4. Metals display stands 30+ Designs


5. Crystal Polymer Cake and Cupcake  display stands 30+ designs


6. Wood display stands 4+ Designs


7. Crystal Impression Rolling Pins - 100+ Designs


8. Crystal Polymer Cake Boards ( Reuseable)


9. Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirrors with Demister + Sensor + Clock+Shaver Socket - 6+ Designs


10. Snowing Christmas Trees - 8+ Designs


We hold registered and unregistered Intellectual Property Design rights to all our products for any potential infringement  under the UK - European - Australian and American Intellectual Property Design Act. 


Red House UK

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