Sostituibile Microblading Lame Usa E Getta Microblading Penna Per Microblading Del Sopracciglio Del Tatuaggio

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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
Numero del Modello:
Nome del prodotto:
Usa e getta Microblading Penna senza Pale
Di plastica e In Acciaio Inox
Il Gas di EO
Microblading Sopracciglia, Labbra, Eyeliner
Duro o Della Flessione lame o curva
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Il benvenuto il vostro private label
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PayPal, Western Union e la Banca
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Articolo singolo
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35X32X30 cm
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6.8 kg
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500 pcs
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Replaceable Microblading Blades  Disposable Microblading Pen For Microblading Tattoo Eyebrow 



Product nameGolden Luxury Disposable Manual Pen (Blister Packing)
Item No






MOQ1 piece
Place of OriginChina
Packaging1 piece/plastic bag
WeightAbout 15g/piece
CertificationCE Certification, EO Gas sterilized Certification
UsageEyebrows, eyeliners and lips tattoo
Payment TermPayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer
Delivery Time

In stock: 1-3 working days

No stock: 5-15 days after got payment

Delivery TermDHL , TNT , EMS, FedEx






      Easy: disposable packaging, safe and convenient

  • Sharper: needle wire 0.25mm and 0.2mm, easier to make perfect arcs
  • Color fast: staining easily, smooth precise spring back
  • Light and smart,paired with needles out of the eyebrows curve easy to facilitate various levels of operations master
  • High quality material: locking pin not shaking needle, pen body beautiful, highlighting the extraordinary professionalism
  • Non-slip handle, arc perfect, elegant lines, fine carving
  • Health and safety: meet international health standards, disposable packaging convenience, safety and health. Before delivery will be sterilized by EO gas.


What should i do after a semi permanent makeup treatment ?


There is virtually no downtime with semi-permanent make-up treatment and you will be able to resume normal activities straight away. The pigment in the treated area may appear to be a little dark for a few days after the procedure and you may have some redness. In some cases, you may get some slight swelling or bruising.


Make sure you follow the post treatment advice given to you by your practitioner carefully. This may include staying out of the sun, not going swimming for a couple of weeks, avoiding traditional make-up for three or four days and avoiding picking or scratching at the area. If your eyes have been treated and you are a contact lenses wearer you may need to wear glasses for a few days after treatment.


Is semi-permanent make-up worth the pain?

With a two-year-old daughter and a hectic working life, it's hard to find time to wash my hair, let alone apply cosmetics.


So when I heard about semi-permanent make-up expert Tracie Giles, I was desperate to give her a try. My eyebrows are sparse - the result of overzealous plucking - and pencilling them in every day is a hassle I can do without.


Plus, I've never mastered the art of smudge-proof liner on my upper eyelids, which is another of Tracie's specialities. I decided to go for the double whammy.

Semi-permanent make-up lasts between nine and 18 months. The type Tracie uses is natural, mineral-based and non-toxic, meaning treatments are hypoallergenic.

First, she used a regular eyebrow pencil to shape and colour my brow - and once I was happy with the colour and shape, a topical anaesthetic was applied to numb the skin.

Next, a fine needle was used to tattoo individual hairs - more irritating than painful. The process was the same for the eyeliner. Tracie drew a fine line close to my upper eyelashes, ensuring it wasn't too dark.

The procedure wasn't comfortable, but it didn't hurt, and it was all over in 40 minutes.

When I looked in the mirror, I was bowled over. My eyebrows were perfect and the eyeliner looked great. There was no scabbing or soreness and, a couple of weeks later, the overall effect was fantastic and natural-looking.

That said, the results do fade and, after a year, it is worth having a touch-up treatment, which is available at a reduced cost.

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