Nuovo disegno aba 3 strati piatto di stile di irrigazione goccia a goccia nastro di macchina con il prezzo basso

  • 1 - 99 insiemi
    35.000,00 USD
  • >=100 insiemi
    5.000,00 USD
Numero del Modello:
rapporto di Attività Sospette
Dettagli in breve
Plastica procedata:
Disegno della vite:
Punto d'origine:
Shandong, China
380 V
Dimensione (L*W*H):
13.5*2 * 2m. custom
10 t, 10 t
CE ISO9001
Servizio After-sales fornito:
Video di supporto tecnico, Libero di pezzi di ricambio, Campo di installazione, messa in servizio e la formazione, Campo di manutenzione e servizio di riparazione, Supporto on-line
1 anno
Dopo-Servizio di vendita Fornito:
Gli ingegneri a disposizione per macchine di servizio all'estero
Huaya linea di estrusione
Prodotto principale:
Intarsiato piatto tubo di irrigazione a goccia
Gamma di diametro:
6 millimetri
Velocità di produzione:
80-200 m/min
Spessore della parete:
0.6 millimetri
Tipo di vite:
Singola vite
Di garanzia:
12 mesi
Il pagamento:
Dalla vostra richiesta
Grado automatico:
Alta Automazione
Potere (W):
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
30 Set/Sets per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Scatola di legno e scatole di cartone per la macchina di estrusione
Descrizione del video

New design aba 3 layers flat style drip irrigation tape machine with price low


main production parameters

extruder typeSJ-55/28
pipe diameter6mm
screw typesingle screw
wall thickness0.6mm
production speed80-200m/min
emitter maximum screening speed800pcs
emitter inlaid speed800pcs/min or more
space between emitter100-1500mm
hauling speed200m/min or more
punching speed600pcs/min or more


inlaid flat dripper drip irrigation pipe specification

pipe diameter                                                      specification
wall thickness6mm10mm14mm
tolerance                                                     0.05mm
diameter of emitter7mm12mm16mm

main production introduction

The agriculture inline flat drip irrigation hose/pipe making machine is used to make agriculture inline drip irrigation hose .In order to produce this agriculture inline drip irrigation hose making machine, our company makes full market research and assimilates the advanced technology from domestic and overseas. And this machine is the most advanced agriculture inline drip irrigation hose making machine in our company at present. The drip irrigation hose is widely used in the field (cotton,ect) vegetable and fruit, trees and flowers.Drip irrigation is the most efficient water-saving irrigation, which can make water directly infiltrate the crop roots through the patent design of water dropper.water and nutrients can be fed to crops through drip irrigation, which will make crops grow in the envrionment with sufficient water and nutrients.


main production features

1) Dripper and pipe unified,it is convenient for installation and usage,low cost and small investment. 

2) The dripper has inherent filtration window,it has good performance of resisting blockage. 

3) The machine adopts ladyrinth type passageway,it has certain pressure compensation effect. 

4)The space between the dripper can adjust according to the customers' requirements.


inlaid flat drip irrigation pipe images


main production components

1.Emitter Feeding Machine
2. Emitter Choosing Machine
3. Emitter Transferring Machine
4.Controlling electrical Cabinet
5.Plastic Extruder
6.Extruding Mold
7.Vacuum Diameter-Fixing Device
8. Vacuum Water Tank
9.Cooling Water Tank Drying Equipment
12.Hole Drilling Machine
13.Double-Station Automatic Machine 



The production is stable and reliable. The emitter transmits even. The punching position is accurate. The chip can be removed easily.

It adopts PLC control, which is operated conveniently.

According to the production requirement, it can produce products with different specifications after changing the mold, conveying and punching parts.

Electrical components adopt domestic famous brand. The servo system adopts imported components.

Matched with meters alarming device.

It also can be used to produce common dripping pipes.


main production images


Our company discription

We have a clean workshop and high standardized machinery and equipment,Highly qualified personnel.


HUAYA is located in the beautiful LAIWU City Shandong Province.It was established in 2010, now it is integration of R&D, design, manufacturing, producing HDPE PE  water supply pipe plastic production machine  ,drip irrigation equipment and hose . The factory is located Qingdao and Jinan, which is very convenient for transporting and visiting.

The company covers an area of 30 acres of land, and workshop buildings cover about 30000 square meters. The registered capital up to RMB 3500,000 . our main products include: drip irrigation equipment, drip irrigation hose ,PVC and HDPE PE  water supply pipe plastic  production machine , other drip watering products for vegetables and film blowing in greenhouse.

Since the establishment of the company, has been invited to participate in large-scale domestic and internationalplastics industry exhibition. Those exhibition we collected a large amount of customer information resource,And many old customers at home and abroad with the company business also made a special trip to come over to visit ,we carefully listened to a large number of old and new customers valuable advice,Promoted our company  film  blowing and HDPE PE  water supply pipe plastic  production machine further optimization of innovation,better improve our company's production line, the better service for our customers.After my company staff seriously said,most customers will do further field visit..

Our company insists on operation concept of “able to be the best by concentration and specialty”all the time,endeavors to become the fastest growing national plastic machinery, technology most outstanding enterprises.


Our certifications


Contact us

Allen Chen

+8618663426168(whatsapp&telephone number)



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