New Bamboo Detox Foot Patch, Foot Detox Patches/Pads with Adhesive Plaster (6 types, CE, OEM)

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0,065 USD - 0,078 USD / Scatola | 500 Scatola/scatole (Ordine minimo)
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Quantità(scatole) 1 - 100000 100001 - 500000 >500000
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Punto d'origine:
Sichuan, China
Numero del Modello:
MR-detox foot patch
size of foot patch:
size of adhesive:
main function:
dispel toxin & dampness, soothe sleep, promote blood circulation
6 types foot patch to choose or mix:
gold, white korean, ginseng, silver, lavender,green tea foot patch
main ingredients of foot patch:
bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, plant extracts, chitin...
for people:
atheletes, dancer, old people
box package(1 IMIROO brand paper box=12 Sets foot patches)
OEM service:
OEM your own aluminum bag, paper box, new formula foot patch
sample service:
1-5pcs free samples could be provided for your quality test
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
50000 Piece/Pieces per Day Bamboo Detox Foot Patch with Adhesive Plaster
Confezionamento & Consegna
1. Zona del piede e adesivi in pacchetto allentato, 2. Zona del piede e adesivi foglio separatamente scatola di carta. 3 quantità potrebbe essere confezionato in base alle esigenze dei clienti
Ningbo, Guangzhou, Huangpu, Shanghai or as your request
Tempi di consegna: :
Quantità(Boxes) 1 - 100000 100001 - 500000 >500000
Tempo previsto (giorni) 5 10 Da negoziare
Descrizione del video
Product Description

Bamboo Detox Foot Patch, Foot Detox Patches/Pads with Adhesive Plaster (6 types, CE, OEM)

1). one set foot patch=1pcs detox foot patch+1pcs adhesive plaster sheet
2). one night good sleeping=2 sets foot patches=2pcs detox foot patches + 2pcs adhesive plasters


1. Detox Foot patch with Adhesive Plaster Sheet (Six types foot patch)

2. 6 types detox foot patches: white Korean/gold/silver/ginseng/green tea/lavender foot patch

3. Model: MR-detox foot patch

4. Mainly for dispelling toxin & dampness, soothing sleep,  promoting blood circulation

5. Manufacture /original factory 100%, with CE, ROHS, MSDS, EDGM certificates

6. Natural and healthy with best service

6 types foot patches to choose or mix:

A). white Korean/gold/silver/ginseng/green tea/lavender foot patch
B). you can choose or mix the types of foot patches as you like

1). White Korean detox foot patch: dispel detox toxin and dampness;
2). Gold detox foot patch: lose weight and keep slim;
3). Ginseng detox foot patch: improve blood circulation and immune system;
4). Lavender detox foot patch: promote sleeping and soothing fatigue;
5). Silver detox foot patch: dispel detox toxin and alleviating fatigue;
6). Green Tea detox foot patch: relieve fatigue, pressure, and pain in the foot

 Main Introduction:

Detox Foot Patch, Made from natural ingredients, could help people dispel the toxin, the dampness and other forms from our body system through the point of our feet when you fall sleep.

Working Principle:

According the Chinese Medical Theory, our feet has been regarded as the second heart of our human, as in our feet there are a lot of holes which could has close connection with our heart, kidney, and other body parts. According to this, the detox foot patch could dispel the toxin and dampness from our feet when we put them on our feet patch with the help of our blood circulation.

Who will need the detox foot patch?

1). The people who want to beautify their skin.

2). The people who want to get rid of insomnia, constipation, halitosis, body odor.

3). The people who are in sub healthy

4). The office worker who have a burden pressure and endure radiation for a long time.

5). The athletes, the dancers who stand up for a whole day.





Packaging & Shipping


1. Big quantity:

Foot patch and adhesive are packed in different paper cartons.

1). foot patch carton size: 56 * 43 * 36cm; 3500pcs/carton

2). adhesive carton size: 54 * 32 * 32cm; 7000pcs/carton

2. Small quantity:

Foot patch and adhesive are separately packed in poly bag; then put into paper carton.

3. Foot patch with small box:

We can provide: 12pcs/box......



Our Services



Product & Service

Details information


Natural: detox foot patch made from the natural plant without other bad ingredients


The quality is always kept during selecting the straw materials, production of the foot patch in purification workshop, package and the quality examination of the foot patch.

Environmental Protective:

The adhesive are the medical degradable paper, compared with non woven, it is more healthy and environmental. It is breathable for the feet, and it is easy to degrade when we discard after using, it will not cause pollution to our life environment.


Shipping: EMS,FEDEX, TNT,DHL, China Post

Sea door to door service:


Indonesia: Jakarta, Philippine: Manila,

After-sale service

1. The bad or hard foot patch could be replaced with ratio 1:1

2. Any problems will be answered within 24hours

3. 1-5pcs Free samples could be provided for you.

OEM service

1. New formula could be produced according your requirements

2. The logo on the foot patch, adhesive or the paper box could be provided for you.

3.The foot patch could be packaged according to your request.




1). once you get the package, please let us know your idea on our goods, packaging and serice.

2). if you need us to improve the service, please feel free to contact us or email us.

3). if you think highly of our products, please introduce our store to your family, your friends, your colleague.

Free samples:

If you are also interested in our other products, please feel free to contact us or email us.

It would be our great honor to send you some free samples for quality test.






Common questions:

Q1: Does your price include the price of adhesive sheet/plaster/sticker ?

A1: Yes, the price include both foot patch and adhesive plaster.

Q2: Could I do my own package?

A2: Yes, you could OEM your own aluminum bag, paper box, and even do new formula foot patch.


Company Information


Our factory:

1). Our company is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

2). We have our own factory in Guangzhou to do mass production with our own technicians and research center.

3). We mainly specialize in developing, manufacturing and trading in the fields of the healthcare, personal care and home products & accessories, as well as packaging for the above fields.

4). Our main products: detox foot patch, nasal strips, belly slimming patch, Jungong slimming patch, mosquito repellent patches, facial mask, eye mask, lip mask, rheumatic arthritis pain relief patch, foot exfoliating peeling mask, cooling gel patch, warm patch, ear candle, anti smoking patch, magnetic pain relief patch and other healthcare products.



Bamboo Detox Foot Patch, Foot Detox Patches/Pads with Adhesive Plaster (6 types, CE, OEM)

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