Mini PDT macchina MD-496

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280,00 USD - 380,00 USD / Parte | 50 Parte/parti OEM, 50 pz (Ordine minimo)
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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
Numero del Modello:
Rimuovere vascolare, Pelle stretta, Rimozione del pigmento, Trattamento dell'acne, Ringiovanimento della pelle, Rimozione delle rughe
Lo stato di:
Più portatile
Bellezza della pelle
Cura di bellezza:
Promuovere la sintesi di proteine e collagene
Tensione di ingresso:
100-240 v
Tensione di uscita:
Produvt formato:
297*246*64 cm
Peso del prodotto:
Scatola bianca, dispositivo, filtro occhiali, adattatore
Rosso, blu e ecc
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Formato del prodotto: 297X246X64mm
Peso del prodotto: 1.3KGS
Imballaggio: scatola bianca, dispositivo, filtro occhiali, adattatore

Mini PDT machine MD-496



. Introduction:

The most popular cosmetic method in Japan. With two years R&D, we develop the most convenient and effective LED skin tendering device in the world which adopted imported pure blue and red light as light source. It can accelerate blood circulation, promote regeneration of the collagen and enzyme , eliminate aged spot, facilitate repair of tissue, enhance activity of the lymphatic system, kill or impair heat-sensitive bacteria and germs, clean and repair cells. It is the best and perfect solution for solving skin problem such as anti-age and remove pimple. 

It is used for facial and body care 


.Main functions:

 It is one of the photon cosmetic ways, which adopts the light source from American or German LED to irradiate the skin directly to restore the natural vitality of the skin cells so as to achieve almost all-inclusive beauty effects with its magic cosmetic technique. LED luminescence beauty is based on three kinds of special frequencies (wave bands) to stimulate the regeneration of subcuticular collagen directly with low energy intensity. The LED photon triggers human body to convert the photon energy into cell energy but without occurrence of thermal effect. The specially designed luminescence wave length can not only act on epidermis but also penetrate the epidermis and act on the deep skin layer directly to thicken the subcuticular collagen rapidly, restore and strengthen the skin elasticity. The stimulation of the LED luminescence can accelerate the growth of skin tissue and the synthesis of collagen. The three main functions are as below:


1, High pure red light with wavelength of 650nm.


Facial care:

It can stimulate cell to enhance cell activity, accelerate blood circulation, promote the growth of fibrocyte and collagen and have remarkable effect on smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, marionette lines, firming the skin, reducing blemishes and fading scar etc. It is suitable for the all kind of skin except oily skin. 


Body care:

Red light is the warmest ray, which can accelerate blood circulation and health of muscle, improve anemia and cardio-pulmonary function.


2, High pure blue light with wavelength of 470nm.


Facial care:

It can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, firm the flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill corynebacterium acnes and markedly improve red spot, oily skin and severely sensitive skin. It is suitable for sensitive and oily skin.


Body care

Blue light is the coldest ray, which can bring cool and refreshing feelings during use and can balance and concentrate energy with the effect of calming and relaxing.


3, Near infrared ray with wavelength of 940nm.


The effect of the near infrared ray is warming effect, under the irradiation of infrared ray, it can increase tissue temperature, expand blood capillary, accelerate blood circulation, enhance cell phagocytic function, eliminate swell and improve elimination of inflammation.

Infrared ray can reduce neural excitability and have the effect of analgesia, removing striated muscle, smooting h myospasm and regaining nerve function. It can penetrate into skin as deep as 10mm which can directly act on vessel of the skin, lymph-vessel, nerve ending and other hypodermis. It is the base of health with improving blood flowing and circulation



III. Usage

  1. Clean the skin and smear skin serum, prepare a bottle of toner which it is needed to replenish water (3 times) during treatment.


  1. Connect power and open the cover .


3. Adjust time: Press button “power” and adjust time with button “TIME UP” to increase time and press “TIME DOMN” to decrease time, it is appropriate for use 10 minutes.


  1. Mode selection: Press mode selection key “SELECT”, and press start button  “START/STOP”, after 3 seconds, it will give out light, the first mode is red light, the second mode is blue light and the third mode is red & blue light. Please press mode selection key “SELECT” to choose the each light and press start button  to start operation.

5. The distance between the face and device is 15cm, it should wear glass during treatment. In order to prevent skin dry, please replenish water 3times during treatment.




V. Questions & Answer

  1. Whether the beauty device have side effect?

It is totally safe and LED skin care therapy have been approved by FDA. However, you should be very careful when you use other skin care which have side effect, please contact us. It is forbidden to use for the pregnant, epilepsia or during steroid or cortisone injection people.


2. Will it create pain during use and what ‘s feeling during use?

It is a moderate, painless and safety beauty device and it is very easy to use. You will get a remarkable effect with relaxing treatment.


3.How long can we gain the effect?

You can see the different after first time use---the skin will be more smooth and tender. Use 4~5 times very month or every two months, it can see the effect which act on wrinkle and pimple. But for different people and environment and the effect will be different.


4.Can I go out after treatment immediately or expose under sunlight?

Yes, but it is not allow to under the blazing sun for a long time such as visit seaside.




VI.Technical parameters and packing

Input voltage: 100-240V  

Output voltage: DC24V

Current: 1000mA(MD-1496)  750mA (MD-496)  

Product size: 297X246X64mm

Product weight: 1.3KGS

Packing: white box, device, filter glasses, adapter





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