Ione pulisce macchina di buona per la vostra salute Ridotta ritenzione di liquidi

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68,00 USD - 74,50 USD / Unità | 1 Unità/unità (Ordine minimo)
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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Numero del Modello:
57*46*26.5 centimetri
In acciaio inox di matrice:
Nero o bianco
Esperienza nella produzione di:
8 anni
Fabbrica tour:
Luogo di origine:
ABS di plastica
Di garanzia:
Un anno di
Massager del piede
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
5000 Unit/Units per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Standard: 57*46*26.5 CENTIMETRI
Formato della scatola: 57x45x57 centimetri
Quantità/scatola: 2 pezzi in una scatola di cartone
Peso netto: 3 kg/unit
Peso lordo: 3.5 kg/unit

ion cleanse machine good for your health Reduced fluid retention Model:WTH-103



ion cleanse machine description details:  

Detox is an alternative medicine treatment promoted as a form of detoxificationwhich involves soaking an individual's feet in a salt bath through which an electrical current is passed. The water turns brown as current is applied; the device is typically promoted with the claim that the brown discoloration represents "toxins" extracted from the body. The device is marketed under a wide variety of names.




Detox system produces positive and negative ions, that "resonate through the body and stimulates the cells within it", claiming that this 'rebalances' cellular energy, allowing efficient performance and excretion of toxins that have accumulated within the tissues and that 20 – 35 minutes of usage every second or third day causes toxins from throughout the body to be excreted .Studies show that an overall balancing effect occurs, along with a significant increase in the number of negative ions in the human body. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively charged ions. The ionic technique of cleansing through our feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs, resulting in reduced menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, Candida and yeast infections. The internal cleansing also results in faster disease healing and inquiry recovery. 


Key Specifications of  ion cleanse machine :

Digital readouts

Effective and easy detoxification

The massage pad works in every part of body

Easier to operate with remote control

100 to 240V worldwide is suitable

One year warranty

Ion array good for 50 uses

Ion cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating healing crises



Benefits of Ion Detoxification:
   1. Increase the body's negative ions to enhance cells' metabolism, detoxification and nutrients assimilation.
   2. Enhance liver and kidney's functions and detoxification.
   3. Reverse aging and beautify/brighten skin complexion.
   4. Balance hormone (gynecological problems), body's pH and Yin Yang.
   5. Improve blood circulation and nourish the blood.
   6. Improve arthritis, rheumatism and water retention.
   7. Balance glucose level, lipids, and blood pressure.
   8. Improve various enzymatic activity in the body.
   9. Strengthen immunity and prevent diseases.
  10. Understand own health status from the color shown in the water after treatments.




TENS Applications




There are a multitude of conditions in which TENS have been used for pain relief




The following are some conditions that have responded positively to the use of TENS







Peripheral nerve injuries

Cervical spondylosis

Phantom limb pan

Low back pain

Post operative pain

Fibrosis/ Myofascial pain syndromes

Spinal cord disorders

Acute sprains/ strains ,Sports injuries

Pain in the terminally ill

Tendinitis /Bursitis

Labor pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Please contact Allen for more information 


via email or trademanager id: cn209788151


Thank you!


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