HY-C150 power supply for Yueming 150w co2 laser cutting &engraving machine

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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
Numero del Modello:
Co2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machines
Product name:
HY-C150-Y3 Yueming power supply
Laser type:
Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Output power:
1 Year
cutting material:
Acylic .lether , wooden etc
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
300 Piece/Pieces per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
scatola di cartone standard con la spugna
shenzhen guangzhou ,shanghai
Tempi di consegna: :
within 2-3 days after confirm your payment
Product Description


150W Accuracy Carving and Engraving Lase Power Supply

Model: HY-C150-Y3

Model: HY-C150-Y3  for 100w,130w,150w CMA Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
Alias: Co2 Laser Generator,Co2 Laser Source,Co2 Laser Device,High Voltage Power Supply

HY-C150-Y3 Laser Power Supply is used for 100W, 130W, 150W CMA Yueming Laser Cutting and Engraving Acrylic, Fabric, Double Color Sheet and Rubber,ect.



Main Feature


1. HY-C150-Y3 with DB9 pin, it is controlled by 0 ~ 3.3v analog signals or PWM control signal,
special designed for 100W,130W,150W CMA laser cutting machine manufactured by Yueming factories.
2. High Voltage Power Supply: Input AC 220V or AC 110V Voltage ,Max output DC 50KV.
3. You can choose Cutting Type or Sculpring Type; the Cutting Type has a good power stability and strong adaptability; the Sculpring Type has a quick response speed and good engraving effect.
4. This Power Supply has the” TEST” button which can test output laser manually.
5. The Laser Power Supply has high Output Power, good stability, this can prolong laser tubes service life.


Product detail



HY-C150-Y3 Laser Power Supply Specification:



Input Voltage

AC198-AC250V or AC99V-AC125V(Pls speciy when placing order)

AC frequency


Max Input Power



Max Input Current




Max Output Voltage


Max Output Current

DC 38mA


≥90percnet(full load)

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


Response Speed

≤1ms(from the switch Signal is given to the output current up to 90% of the setting current)

Control Interface

TTL level switch control; high or low effective level can be chosen (details refer to the control terminal specification) 


Input-Output, Input-Shell: AC1500V 10MA 60S; Output negative is connected with machine shell.


can work in open-circuit condition for a short time(Require a good protective earthing and avoid arc between the positive and the machine shell)


Operating Temperature:-10~40℃,Relative Humidity (RH):≤90 percent

Cooling Way

Force-Air Cooling (FAC)






1. Easy Control: The start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level.either 0 ~ 3.3v analog signals or PWM control signal can control the laser power.
2. The Laser Power Supply has output open circuit protection.
3. This Laser power supply has TTL signal indication, water through signal indication and laser output indication.
4. The power has feedback interface, can be used for closed-loop control, also can be used for testing the laser tube working current.

Our Services


1. All our item is pass the ISO9001 and CE quality Certification.
2. We are the manufacturer of the Co2 Laser Power Supply, and have strict quality control system, so that we can supply the best quality products with lowest prices for our client.
3. We have a professional technical support group for all the item selling. If you need any assistance on your item problem, please do not hesitate to contact us, our technical support will be there to assist you. 
4. Manual testing: Make sure the power supply and laser tube wiring correct firstly, offline the control line and then press the red button TEST to test laser tube out light or not, this method can be simple judgment power supply is working correctly.

One year. 
If the Laser Power Supply appeared problem during this period, we can send Free Pars for your repairing.



Packaging & Shipping


All the items we have in stock , we can ship it out within 1-2 days after confirm  your payment .

We will send it by DHL .EMS  UPS or Fedex TNT . And for a amount of  it , we can also send it by Air transport or by sea ,

All the way depend on Customer's Choose

The power supply will package with sponge in a carton box , 



Detailed Images

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