Vendita calda (3 pezzi/set) Forato Unakite Pietra Scolpita Uova Yoni Per Le Donne Esercitazione di kegel

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10,00 USD - 20,00 USD / Insieme | 1 Insieme/insiemi Unakite Pietra Del Quarzo Uova Yoni (Ordine minimo)
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Vacanze Decorazione e Regalo, Kegel Esercizio Guarigione
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Jiangsu, China
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Unakite Pietra Scolpita Uova Yoni Per Le Donne Esercitazione di kegel
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1 set
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Unakite Pietra Del Quarzo Yoni Uovo
Uovo di cristallo
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Capacità di fornitura:
3000 Piece/Pieces per Month Unakite Stone Quartz Yoni Eggs
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shipped in 2 days after payment
Product Description

Hot Sale (3 pieces/set) Drilled Unakite Stone Carved Yoni Eggs For Women Kegel Exercise


Product Name Hot Sale (3 pieces/set) Drilled Unakite Stone Carved  Yoni Eggs For Women Kegel Exercise

 Unakite Stone

Color Coloful

 Stock Size:30*20mm,40*25mm,45*30mm

 or Customers' Requirements

Weight Customers' Requirements
Production Cycle

 1. For stock order, we ship within 2 days when we get your  payment.

 2. For OEM/ODM order, lead time is 5days-20 days according  to the quantity.

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Yoni Egg AFQ

Q: What is Kegel exercise?


A: Kegel exercises are a series of exercise designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.


Q: What is the function of using eggs for kegel exercise?


A: Women who have used the eggs have helped improve the quality of their life. After menopause, many women have vaginal dryness and the vaginal canal loses its health, and the kegel exercise helps them become moist and improves their health.


Q: Why the eggs have three different sizes?


A:Most of natural women in America and European, they often choose 45x30mm as their first time exercise and then move to 40mm or 30mm for their next exercise.Women who born a baby, they often choose 45mm, 40mm and 30mm 3pcs different size for exercising. If it is our the first time to do kegel exercise, we DO NOT recommend the smallest size 25mm, it is a little difficult to master it.


Q: How to perform the kegel exercise?


A: All eggs have hole. You can use unwaxed dental floss as your string to easily remove them.To perform the kegel exercise, first empty your bladder. Insert the egg and squeeze the muscles which you will feel as the egg or ben wa balls move. This lifts the pelvic floor.Hold for a count of ten, and then relax for a count of ten. Do 10 sets, three times a day. The key to success is doing kegel exercise daily, regularly. When your pelvic floor improves and you get the results you want,do the exercise daily, at least once a day. If your pelvic floor is in good health and you have good muscle tone, to keep these muscles strong simply insert the eggs or ben wa balls at least four times each week and wear them while you do your regular activities for 20 minutes.


Q: How to clean the eggs?


A: Please clean the Eggs with warm water and soap or boiling for thorough sterilization before first use (do not through the eggs into boiling water,otherwise the eggs will get damaged),then after every using wash them with soap and water,and wrap them in a soft cloth. 

Packaging & Shipping

 1. Each item is wrapped with oppbag and protective air bubble

2. Then put into the box/Pack with strong Cartons for shipping

3. We use different packing methods according to different products, or we can use customized packing.

Our Services


1. Good service:Your e-mail will be replyed in 24 hours,and your question will get clear answer.


2. Quality: High quality is our first requirement. We use the best quality components to ensure the standard of our product range is of the highest caliber.


3. Please let us know what you think after reviewing our products. Any questions are welcomed.Please tell us what you like and your mind, if it is created, we can send you a picture or sample to check quality.


4. The samples of our products can be provided. We can customize design.

Company Information

Liberty Crystal Factory is located in Donghai County(Famous crystal hometown) which is known for its crystal processing industry.Our factory is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of crystal crafts, gemstone crafts,semi precious stone crafts, stone crafts and synthetic stone crafts. Now we are a leading factory in this area,have 20 carvers to carve more than 1,000 kinds of crystal products.

Our main products include gemstone massage tools, crystal skulls, gemstone hearts, crystal pyramids, carved animals/buddhas/angels,aura clusters/points and balls. Crystal cluster, geode, and mineral specimens.

With up-to-date technology and equipment, good raw materials, as well as low prices, high quality, short delivery time and considerable services,we can compete with competiors worldwide.  Liberty Crystal insists on supplying top quality crystal at reasonable prices to customers worldwide.

We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. Welcome to contact us.

Thank you for your love and support!!


Q:What is the material of your products?

A:The material is natural crystal. We can also choose material as customers’ requirement.


Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:Quality is priority. Liberty people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.


Q:Any discount possible if I place an order?

A:Yes.we have different price ranges (discounts) based on different order quantities and product mateiral.Please contact us for detailed price information.


Q:How about show me some samples?

A:We are honored to offer you samples.


Q:How long is the delivery time?

A:Different products and quantities have different procedures and different timing. We may provide DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT and Ocean shipping etc for customer’s choice. For more information, please contact us directly.


Q: Are customized products accepted, Can you engrave our brand logo on product?

A: yes.

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