Calda e fredda casa di fumo per il pesce a base di carne e salsiccia

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4.500,00 USD - 45.000,00 USD / Insieme | 1 Insieme/insiemi (Ordine minimo)
Numero del Modello:
Supporto Trasporto merci via mare
rapporto di Attività Sospette
Dettagli in breve
La Lavorazione della carne, Impianto di trasformazione di carne
Grado automatico:
Capacità di Produzione:
Punto d'origine:
Shanghai, China
220 v/380 v
Potere (W):
Dimensione (L*W*H):
860*600*1400 millimetri
1200 kg
1 Anno
Servizio After-sales fornito:
Campo di installazione, messa in servizio e la formazione
Dopo-Servizio di vendita Fornito:
Gli ingegneri a disposizione per macchine di servizio all'estero
Nome del prodotto:
Macchina per fare salsiccia
Prodotto finale:
100-2000 kg per ora
Automatico per la Lavorazione della Carne Smokehouse
Di elaborazione:
Salsiccia Barbecue Pancetta
Fonte di alimentazione:
Di energia elettrica
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
15 Set/Sets per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
casse di legno
Product Description

Product Introduction

Suitable for sausage, ham, roast sausage, Bacon, bacon, roast chicken, smoked fish, roast duck and poultry, water products and other smoked products, baking and drying, one time forming.

The smoked color is good, the taste is better. Quality assurance, fine technology, convenient operation. After smoked, the color of the food is good, and there is a kind of smell after smoked. It makes people feel fragrant and not greasy. It can also achieve environmental protection effect. It can completely replace the traditional fumigating furnace method, save the labor of workers, improve work efficiency, and enhance the taste and elasticity of food.

Structural composition:
This machine is mainly composed of furnace body, electric heating system, circulating air system, smoke generating system and electric control system.
1. Body of stove : all components and outer walls of the furnace are made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant. The products are hung on trailers and sent into the furnace body, and the furnace doors can be closed and cooked according to the set technological parameters.
2. Baking part: the machine uses electric heating method to directly heat the products in the furnace. By adjusting the button of the control box of the furnace, the heating is carried out directly.
3. Circulation wind system: the top of the furnace is equipped with an electric fan, the high power and the high wind amount to ensure the heating in the furnace, so that the temperature of all places is uniform, and the quality of the products is stable and reliable.
4. Smoke system: the smoke device is divided into three layers. The upper motor drive system drives the vertical axis to rotate. The vertical shaft holds a blender in the upper layer. Sawdust stored in the upper layer is sent to the middle tray under the action of agitator. After the burning plate is electrified, the smoke switch button is opened. The saw foam is burned slowly and sends smoke, and the fume is sent to the furnace by the fan through the pipe into the furnace. The amount of smoke and air can be adjusted by the butterfly valve.

Detailed Images

Frozen meat grinder

The machine is a necessary equipment for the processing of meat and food. It can cut the unthawed fast and quickly, and make the meat with different specifications. It does not damage the muscle fiber tissue, the meat is heating up, it is good for the product to keep fresh and prolong the shelf life. Prepare the preparatory work for chopping or mixing. Because there is no need to thaw, it keeps nutrition and meat flavor. It can be twisted at -8 cm for frozen meat and fresh meat can also be processed. The equipment does not damage the structure of muscle fiber. There is no need to thaw, reduce meat nutrients and protein loss, but also slow down the meat.

Meat bowl cutter

The bowl cutter uses cutter knifes with high speed and rotates cutting, cutting meat, meat, fat and so on into meat or meat mud, and mixing other raw materials such as water, ice sheet and excipient together into a uniform emulsion. Cutter kinfes high-speed rotation can shorten running time, reduce material heat, maintain natural color, elasticity, yield and shelf life of fillings.

Vacuum tumbler mchine

The vacuum tumbler machine is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance, simple operation and high efficiency.

Apply to western-style sausage, ham, bacon, barbecues, and traditional Chinese style birds, the sauce of bitten, recreational type of meat the salted processing.

Sausage filling machine

Hydraulic sausage filling machine is processing the necessary equipment intestinal class products. The hydraulic sausage filling machine is widely applicable to the products of a variety of intestinal irrigation system. Especially on the drier fillings and meat fillings relative efficiency of other enema better. The machine upper part of a storage hopper and disc valve, Flip continuous irrigation system, improve the work efficiency. 

Sausage tire wire machine

The sausage tie wire machine is pneumatic single way semi-automatic type, stainless steel, the structure is compact, easy to use, practical and beautiful, but ligation sheep casing, pigs, casing, protein casing, plastic casing is sausage especially frozen Taiwan roast intestinal, kiss intestinal production quantitative, ligation of the ideal equipment, points single way, double road and enema machine even machine use.

Smoke house

The smoked color is good, the taste is better. Quality assurance, fine technology, convenient operation. After smoked, the color of the food is good, and there is a kind of smell after smoked. It makes people feel fragrant and not greasy. It can also achieve environmental protection effect. It can completely replace the traditional fumigating furnace method, save the labor of workers, improve work efficiency, and enhance the taste and elasticity of food.

Our Company


Packing & Delivery


Standard export carton or wooden cases packing.


7-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.

1,What is the voltage/phase for this machine ?
220V 50Hz/single phase ,380V 50Hz/three phase , 110V 60Hz/single phase also can made as the clients' need 
2,What is the Mode of transportation ?
LCL and FCL by ship ,By Express (DHL,TNT, Fedex etc) ,By air
3,How long can we get the goods?
We usually delivery in 3-5 working days, we will inform you shipping time based on your seaport.
4,How long is the guarantee?
we promise guarantee as one year for non-human damage factor.
5,How should I do if meet some trouble while using?
we can supply English manual book and also take a video for showing how to resolve the problems or dispatch our worker to your factory.
6,What about Payment term?
T/T(Telegraphic Transfer )-30% as prepayment by T/T, after seen the copy of the B/L sent by fax,
the balance of 70% should be effected . Western Union ,L/C ,Trade Assurance,Etc.
7,What's your MOQ
1 set
8, How can i contact with you ? 
You can send inquiry to me .
Aslo can contact with me by Cellphone/Wechat / Whatsapp /Viber: +86 18116231077
Our Service

Service before sale.

Insist on quality first the production standard, every machine before leave the factory we test it ensure the quality is good.

Service on sale.

We are confident that we sell our machines to customers at low prices and activated. Professionally and patiently introduction pictures and video to show machine

Service after sale.

1, Free insurance for goods
2, 24 hours online to solve any questions.Supply manual book
and technical support,maintain
video to help you.

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