Strumento ospedale Elettrico Ortopedico Intervento Chirurgico/Tavolo Operatorio

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2.400,00 USD - 2.800,00 USD / Parte | 1 Parte/parti elettrico Ortopedico Intervento Chirurgico/Tavolo Operatorio (Ordine minimo)
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Numero del Modello:
Punto d'origine:
Hubei, China
Nome del prodotto:
Elettrico Ortopedico Chirurgico Funzionamento/Tavolo Operatorio
Nome del prodotto 1:
CE, Certificato ISO Tavolo Operatorio
Prodotto Name2:
Tavolo operatorio
Lunghezza totale:
2100 millimetri
In Acciaio Inox
Di garanzia:
1 anno
Tavolo Operatorio
Fonte di energia:
Di energia elettrica
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Month Electric Orthopedic Surgical Operation/ Operating Table
Confezionamento & Consegna
imballaggio Standard dell'esportazione
Shenzhen or Shanghai
Tempi di consegna: :
5-7 working days
Product Description

Features of Electric Operating Table JHDS-99A
Electric Operating Table is designed for all kinds of operations in hospitals. Besides all functions of the domestic operating tables, it has its own advantages below,
1. Leg section can be rotated, opened, disassembled and adjusted easily. It is most adapt to the urological operation.
2. The table top, made of high-strength plastic plate, can move backwards and forwards, X-ray examination can be carried out on it.
3. Safe and reliable. The table's elevation, lowering, reversed trendelenburg; trendelenburg , lateral tilt are all automatically control by the button.
4. This table can be configured different kinds of table tops for different use. Available for the Model C-arm. The back section and the leg section of Model is equipped with barometric pressure spring.
5. The back section and the leg section is equipped with barometric pressure spring.

Detailed Images

Hospital instrument Electric Orthopedic Surgical Operation/ Operating Table

Overall Length
Max Height
Min Height
Back Section Raised From the Horizontal
Reversed Trendelenburg
Latera Tilt
Backward and Forward Movenment
Head Section Raised from the Horizontal
Head Section lowered from the Horizontal
Leg section Lowered from the Horizontal
Leg section Opened
Kidney Bridge Elevation

Quality assurance:
Control from materail:
1.All bolts and screws are of SS material.
2.All stainless steel is SUS 304 stainless steel.
3.Plastic material is of ABS only. Durable and sturdy. At least 10 years lifetime.

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Up to now, Darppon specialize in offering more than 100 types of products which including Electrosurgical Unit, Patient Monitor, Electrocardiograph, Medical Imaging System, Infusion/Syringe Pump, Defibrillator, Home Care and Veterinary products etc. At present, Darppon products have been exported to over 100 countries and regions.
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1. What is time of delivery?
Since our products are produced according to each specific order, the delivery period will be 7-8days after receiving your payment.

2. What about quality assurance?
We offer 1 year warranty period beginning from the time of shipment for medical equipment.

3. What about the price level?
Our prices are competitive compared with those at the same quality level, and we keep striving to provide the best pricing to our customers.

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T/T in advance, Western Union, Credit card etc.

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By ship, airplane, express etc.

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