Di alta Qualità Multifunzionale Automatico Linea di Touch Macchina Per Scatola Di Cartone

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59.000,00 USD - 70.000,00 USD / Unità | 1 Unità/unità Automatico ad alta velocità e accuratezza Linea di Touch macchina (Ordine minimo)
rapporto di Attività Sospette
Dettagli in breve
Tipo di imballaggio:
Scatole, Caso
Materiale da imballaggio:
linea di imballaggio
Abbigliamento, bevenda, Prodotto chimico, Prodotto, Alimento, Macchine e accessori, MEDICAL, Tessile
Grado automatico:
Tipo determinato:
220/380 V
Punto d'origine:
Henan, China (Mainland)
Henan Joinrise
Numero del Modello:
Dimensione (L*W*H):
5000 millimetri * 3400 millimetri * 1900 millimetri
10000 kg
ISO9001 BV
Dimensione del Cartone:
360*800 millimetri --- 1250*2400 millimetri
Cartone Altezza:
Dimensione copertura del cuscino:
100-350 millimetri
Toccare Velocità:
80-100 piece/min
± 5 millimetri
Vantaggio di funzionamento:
Automatizzato-interfaccia uomo-macchina con touch screen, PLC SIEMENS controllo
Processo di alimentazione:
Minupressure frontale alimentatore riduce al minimo la perdita di compressione per cartone
Tecnologia toccante:
Tradizionale concavo convessa strumenti verticale premendo
Posizionamento del mestiere:
Controllato da servo motore fotoelettrico e del registro di
Garanzia di sicurezza:
Inizio di allarme e di compensazione sistemi di allarme comprende
Servizio After-sales fornito:
Costruisce disponibile per assistere il macchinario oltremare
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
5 Unit/Units per Month high speed warping machine
Confezionamento & Consegna
Dettagli di imballaggio: standard pacchetto di esportazione di legno/legno di imballaggio casendling imballaggio/imballaggio nudo/telaio In Ferro etc/secondo le esigenze dei clienti
Tianjin Qingdao Shanghai
Tempi di consegna: :
within two weeks after receiving 30% advanced payment

High Quality Multifunctional Automatic Touch Line Machine For Carton Box Making 

This machines is main used for impressing the join line of the corrugated paper board, which can make the carton easy to joint, all the drive joints of adopts the rolling bearing. It has light and quick transmission. It is easy to mend, and get a long service life, also the a elegant shape.



Touch Line Machine Features
1.Highly automated-man-machine interface with touch screen, PLC SIEMENS controls;
2.Sound performance-traditional concavo convex tools vertical pressing, inherited good forming quality, durable crease line, adjustable impression depth/size from the traditional standalone impressing machine. The frontal paper feeding allows no crush and good flatness, and a perfect solution to carton die cutting and pressing after notching;
3.High speed-economic speed of 80-100 pieces/min;
4.High accuracy-positioning section controlled by servo motor and photoelectric register with an accuracy of±0.5mm.


Touch Line Machine Technical Specification


Max. Size Paperboard  


Min. Size



Carton Height     (mm)

Cover Size (mm)





 NB: Above specifications are only for reference, customized specifications available.



Touch Line Machine Structure And Configuration
Main sections: Feeding,Running,Pressing,Positioning,Palletizing
Configuration: VECTOR Servo Drive for main machine (4kw) 2 sets,INVT variable frequency motors 2 sets,VECTOR Servo Motor (2.2kw) 2 sets,SIEMENS CPU,7.0 Kunluntongtai Man-Machine Interface,Suction Fans 5 sets



Touch Line Machine Technical Drawing 


1.Shield     2.Electrical Cabinet    3.Feeding Positioning    4.Feeding Backstop    5.Feeding Suction Bellow      6.Running Suction Bellow    7.Running Suction Fan           8.Feeding Running Motor

9.First Pressing Positioning    10.Second Pressing Positoning       11.Pressing Upper Tool
12.Pressing Lower Tool              13.Pressing Lower Tool Adjustment Bolt   14.Pressing Lower Tool Fixing Bolt

15.Pressing Tool Main Drive Gear    16.Pressing Motor                  17.Running Suction Fan Drive Motor

18.Pressing Cam Lubricant Oil Tank     19.Pressing Cam                20.Pressing Cam Connecting Rod

21.Pressing Adjustment Screw                     22.Pressing Upper Tool Positioning Sensor Switch

23.Positioning Servo Sensor Switch                   24.Feeding Size Mobile Motor




Why Choose Our Touch Line Machine  

1.Sub-pressure type frontal paper feeder minimizes paper feeder’s compressive loss to carton;
2.Tool positioning structure ensures high speed and prevents irregular sizes or deflection of paper covers;
3.PLC computerized control of row size,automatic accuracy adjustment ± 0.5mm;
4.Double gantry intensified design ensures regular and shapely impression depth;
5.Built with glass hard 20 cmo precision gears and long service life;
6.Automatic oil spray and dripping lubrication for gearbox;
7.Clear man-machine interface for easy operation;
8.Start alert and clearing alert systems guarantee the safety of operator.





Company Information





Henan Joinrise is located in Wen Country, the hometown of Sima and the birthplace of Chen Style Taichi.It is a national grade medium sized enterprise,a national ClassⅡmonitoring enterprise.The company is one of the first organizations to be awarded the national Safety Sign Approval Certification. It has passed. ISO9001 International Quality System Certification,acquired the Industrial Products Manufacturing License, and has been lauded as An enterprise which upholds its contracts and keeps its promises by Henan Province and Jiaozuo City.


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 1.  What is the business of your company?

Henan Joinrise is specializing in designing and manufacturing of touch line machine. We have produced the advanced machine with high speed , precise touching , automatic control , best quality .

 2.  What is the advantage of Joinrise compared to other suppliers?

Since the manufacturing team all possesses years of experience, Joinrise can provide touch line machine and accessories with competitive price and superior service. We have professional sales team, production team, researching team.

 3.  What is the price policy of your company?

In our company, the price is different according to the quantity of your order, the more the cheaper. For more detailed information, you can contact our customer service representatives.

 4.  What are the features of the services your company offered?

Based on the wide product range, we offer the best One-Stop sourcing service and all-around after-sales service . We will definitely save you a lot of time and money.It will improve your efficiency significantly and be more economical.

 5.  What is the payment of your company?

Joinrise accepts the payment of T/T and L/C, 30%T/T in advance, 40% after shipment, the balance D/P,everything can be further discussed.


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