Isolamento termico Tessuto Foglio di Alluminio Radiante barriera Foglio Per Le Coperture

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0,25 USD - 0,60 USD / Metro quadro | 5000 Metro quadro/metri quadri (Ordine minimo)
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Punto d'origine:
Zhejiang, China
Numero del Modello:
Altri Materiali di Isolamento termico
40-100 m
Larghezza del rotolo:
1.2 m può essere customzied
Su misura
Tetto, parete, soffitto isolamento
Stampa OEM è disponibile,
Nome del prodotto:
Cina fornitore Foglio di Alluminio Rinforzato Con PE Tessuto di Schiuma Panno
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
30000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day
Confezionamento & Consegna
Dal sacchetto del PE
China Mainland
Descrizione del video
Product Description

Aluminum foil laminated radiant barrier insulation material

Radiant Shield is a heavy duty two-sided aluminum foil (with woven polyethylene) Radiant Barrier. It provides industrial strength for any Radiant Barrier application. This product is available with or without perforations and thus can be used as a vapor retarder or allow vapor transmission.

Reflects 97% radiant heat,energy-bill saving;
Easy handling and low cost;
Good water vapor resistance;
High tensile strength and durability;
environment friendly,never use chemical bonding materials;

Detailed Images
·Aluminum Thickness
·Silver side Emittance
·Antiglare side Emittance
Up to 2600mm
Up to 3000m/roll
·Roll Diameter
·Product Thickness
·Roll Weight
Extra Heavy Duty
·Water Barrier
·Vapour Barrier
·Tensile Strength MD
16.65 KN/m
·Tensile Strength CD
5.83  KN/m
·Burst Strength
1622 KPA

It Can Be Used In A Variety Of Residential And Commercial Buildings To Act As A Thermal insulation And A Vapor Barrier.
· Under Roof Decking
· Stapled to Roof joists
· Cathedral Ceilings
· Attics
· Walls
· House Wrap
· Floors And Crawl Spaces
· Metal Buildings

Packing & Delivery
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1, What is radiant barrier ?

     A radiant barrier is a layer of metallic foil that blocks radiated heat. Radiant barriers are generally installed in an attic directly under roof rafters to reduce unwanted heat gain from the sun. A radiant barrier material should be more than 99% aluminum and the emissivity value should be 2-5%.

2, What's the difference between Perforated Radiant Barrier with Solid Radiant Barrier ?

     a) Reduce heating & cooling costs by installing radiant barrier in your attic, perforated radiant barrier is the product you need
     b) Solid radiant barrier, which does not have the tiny holes, is used for insulating crawl spaces, walls, floors & ceilings – even cathedral ceilings!

3, What's the percent the radiant can reflect ?

      Aluminium Foil reflects up to 97% of radiant heat. With unique technology, Pengyuan aluminized polyester film also reflects 95%-97% radiant heat.

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