Buona qualità XSG rotante flash mais asciugatrice

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6.000,00 USD - 656.000,00 USD / Insieme | 1 Insieme/insiemi XSG Ad alta velocità flash Rotante Asciugatrice (Ordine minimo)
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Numero del Modello:
Punto d'origine:
Jiangsu, China
380 V
Potere (W):
Dimensione (L*W*H):
12 m * 2.4 m * 2.4 m
nome del prodotto:
buona qualità XSG rotante flash mais asciugatrice
fonte di riscaldamento:
elettricità o mais asciugatrice A Vapore
argento mais asciugatrice
ingegnere Guida del mais asciugatrice
1500 kg
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1 Anno
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
10 Set/Sets per Year XSG High-Speed flash Rotating Dryer
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contenitore per XSG Ad alta velocità flash Rotante Asciugatrice
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XSG High-Speed flash Rotating Dryer


Thank you for viewing this page! Here you can check our Different Kinds of Drying Machine! Here at Macat, we can make any items you need with great quality and service.  So pls contact us if these are interesting to you. 



Rotary flash dryer is a new high efficient fluidized drying equipment that we designed for solve the static dryings low efficiency and high consumption problem. When designing the equipment, we combined the features of air stream drying and fluidized drying together. So the machine has reasonable structure and good performance, it really achieves the aim of low consumption and high efficiency of fluidizing drying.

This machine has a wide application scope, it can be used for drying in fire retardant, molecular sieve, rubber and plastic assistance, pesticide, pigment, dyestuff, fine chemicals, feedstuff, pharmaceutical and part intermediate industries.

Hot air enters the stirring, crushing and drying chamber in a certain speed from the air inlet that at the bottom of dryer and produces vigorous eddy airflow. Material is acted by centrifugal force, shearing force, impact and friction, the particle size of material becomes very small and mass and heat transmission is strengthened. At the bottom of dryer, big damp granules is crushed, small and low moisture content granules rise with the rotating air stream. During the rising process, the granules are dried further. Because of the rotary flow of air and solid, inertia of solid phase is higher than gaseous phase, the relative speed of air and solid is big, it strengthens mass and heat transmission, so drying intensity is high.


1. Several feeding device can be chose,feeding is continuous and stable,no phenomenon of bridging.

2. Set up the special cooling device at the bottom of dryer,it can avoid the material that in the bottom high temperature area be bad.

3. There are air sealing device and cooling device for bearing, to increase working life of transmission part.

4. There is special air distributing device, it can reduce the resistance of equipment, and make the air speed in drying tower become balance.

5. There is classify ring and turbojet  plate, the fineness and final moisture of product can be adjusted and controlled.

6. Circumference air speed in the drying tower is high, the residence time of material is short, it can avoid the material stick on the wall and thermal sensitive materials go bad.

Product Pictures




1. Inorganic salt:

Harlsalz (Barium stearate,Zinc stearate, Aluminum stearate, Calcium stearate, Magnesium Stearate)

Carbonate (Manganese carbonate, Cerium carbonate, Zinc carbonate, Calcium carbonate), Oxide( Zirconia, Iron oxide red, Zinc oxide)

Chlorate ( Aluminum hydroxide, Cuprous chloride)

Sulfate ( Sodium isocyanurate sioxide, Calcium sulfate, Sodim pyrosulfite)

Other ( Silica, Lead sulfate, Sodium metasilicate)

2. Organic Chemical Raw Materials:

Fentin acetate, Acetoacetyl aniline, High test bleaching powder


Padan, Monosultap, ABamectin, Pyridaben, Paclobutrazol, Methomyl, Quizalofop-p-ethyl, Mancozeb, Tricyclazole, Atrazine

4. Dyestuff pigment:

Fast blue, Reactive yellow, Sulphur bordeaux, Basic yellow, Dilblack, Sulphur blue, Lead chrome yellow


Disproportionated catalyst, Molecular sieve type 4A, Rubber accelerator

6. Pharmaceutical:

Guanosine, Nucleotide, Vita yeast powder, Mohensin

Technical Parameters



Q1:  When can I get the price quotation ?
A1:  We can send you the quotation within 24 hours after your inquiry , including the shipping cost if you need . Chat with us by Alibaba Trade Manager or directly send inquiry to our email .

Q2: What about payment term ?
A2: 100% by T/T; 40% as deposit, 60% balance before delivery.

Q3: How many about MOQ?
A3: MOQ is 1 unit.


Q4: What about the delivery?

A4: 45 working days after receiving deposit.


Q5: How about your delivery time?

A5: Generally, it will take 15 to 60 days after receiving your down payment. The specific delivery time depends on items and quantity of your order.


Q6: Do you test all your machine before delivery?

A6: We realize that the quality is the first priority for running our business and each equipment could be inspected before leaving factory.

How to Contact us

If you are interested to learn more about information, pls feel free to contact us:


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