GalileoStar3 sucker rod pompa pompa di trasferimento di olio combustibile pesante

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Shanghai, China
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1.1 ~ 110kw292
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Pompa rotativa
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50X50X80 cm
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GalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pump

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[YG vertical pipeline oil pump] Product introduction:

YG vertical pipeline oil pump is an ISG series single-stage single-suction pipeline centrifugal pump expansion. It adopts the performance parameters of IS-type centrifugal pump and is designed ingeniously on the basis of general vertical pump. At the same time, according to the use temperature, medium, etc. Differently based on the ISG centrifugal pump, products suitable for conveying oily media are derived. This series of products has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, and reliable performance. It meets the requirements of the latest national mechanical department JB/T5305 8-93. The products are designed and manufactured according to the international IS02858 standard. All the series of products adopt the national standard explosion-proof motor. The explosion-proof grade is DIIBT4 and the protection grade is IP54. The impeller is made of high quality brass. In 1993, it passed the inspection of the pipeline pump products of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. qualified.


[YG vertical pipeline oil pump] Working conditions:

1. Suction pressure <1.0 MP a, or pump system maximum working pressure <1.6 MP a, ie pump suction pressure + pump head <1.6 MP a, pump static pressure test pressure is 2.5 MP a, please order when ordering Indicate the system work pressure. Pump system working pressure greater than 1.6 MPa BU should be submitted separately at the time of ordering. In order to manufacture, the overcurrent portion and the coupling portion of the pump are made of cast steel.
2. Ambient temperature <40 °C, relative humidity <9 5%.
3. The volume of solid particles in the transported medium does not exceed 0.1% of the unit volume, and the particle size is >0.2 mm.
Note: If the medium is used with small particles, please indicate the order date, so that the manufacturer can wear a wear-resistant mechanical seal.


[YG vertical pipeline oil pump] Features:

1. The pump has a vertical structure, the same diameter of the inlet and outlet, and is located on the same center line. It can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. The shape is compact and beautiful, the floor space is small, and the building investment is low. For outdoor use.
2. The impeller is directly mounted on the extension shaft of the motor. The axial dimension is short and the structure is compact. The pump and motor bearing are arranged reasonably, which can effectively balance the radial and axial loads generated by the pump operation, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the pump. The vibration noise is very low.
3. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination. It adopts imported titanium alloy seal ring, medium-sized high temperature resistant mechanical seal and hard alloy material, wear-resistant seal, which can effectively increase the service life of mechanical seal.
4. Easy installation and maintenance, no need to dismantle the piping system, just remove the pump coupling nut to extract all the rotor components.
5. The series and parallel operation modes of the pump can be adopted according to the requirements of use, ie flow and head.
6. The vertical and horizontal installation of the pump can be used according to the requirements of the pipeline arrangement.


[YG vertical pipeline oil pump] Product use:

1.YG vertical pipeline oil pump for conveying petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel. The temperature of the medium to be transported is -20 °C-+120 °C.
2. The pump is mainly used to supercharge the pipeline, transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, aviation oil and other oils over long distances, and also transport other non-corrosive liquids. Applicable to oil depots, petrol stations, chemical, mining, petrochemical, enterprises and institutions.


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Welcome to consult
God knows Fruylings World is ready to provide it for you

As a hobby Dodd sGalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pumpid flatly

Well then a hobby Albin said If youre interested in it

Interested The word was like an echo A silence fell Albins eyes studied Dodd the thin face and the play of light on the hair After a while he shrugged

So it isnt plants he said It isnt any more than the Alberts and working with them You want to do anything to get away from themanything that wont remind you you have to go back

Sure Dodd said Sure I do So do all of us

Not me Albin said instantly Not me brother I get my food and my clothing and my shelter just like good old Marx I guess says I should Im a trainer for the Alberts supportive work in the refining process and some day Ill be a master trainer and get a little more pay a little more status you know He grinned and sat straight What the hell he said Its a job It pays my way And theres enough leisure time for funand when I say fun I dont mean 3D tapes Dodd I really dont

But you

Look Albin said Thats whats wrong with you kid You talk as if we all had nothing to do but work and watch tapes What you need is a little educationa little real educationand Im the one to give it to you

Dodd opened his eyes They looked very large and flat like the eyes of a jungle animal I dont need education he said And I dont need hobbies I need to get off this planet thats all I need to stop working with the Alberts I need to stop being a master and start being a man again

Albin sighed Slavery he said You think of slavery and it GalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pumpll rises up in front of youGreece India China Rome England the United Statesall the past before the Confederation all the different slaves He grinned again You think its terrible dont you

It is terrible Dodd said Itstheyre people just like us They have a right to their own lives

Sure they do Albin said They have the right tooh to starve and die in that forest out there for instance And work out a lot of primitive rituals and go through all the Stone Age motions for thousands of years until they develop civilization like you and me Instead of being kept nice and warm and comfortable and taken care of and taught things by the evil old bastards likewell like you and me again Right

They have rights Dodd said stubbornly They have rights of their own

Sure they do Albin agreed with great cheerfulness Howd you like it if they got some of them Dodd maybe youd like to see them staGalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pumpve Because its going to be a long long time before they develop anything like a solid civilization kiddo And in the meantime a lot of them are going to die of things we can prevent Right And howd you like that Dodd How would you like that

Dodd hesitated We ought to help them he muttered

Well Albin said cheerfully thats what we are doing Keeping them alive for instance And teaching them

Teaching Dodd said Again his voice had the faintly mocking sound of an echo And what are we teaching them Push this button for us Watch this process for us If anything changes push this button Dig here Carry there He paused Wonderfulfor us But what good does it do them

WeveGalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pumpgot to live too Albin said

Dodd stared At their expense

Its a living Albin said casually shrugging Then But Im serious One good dose of real enjoyment will cure you friend One good dose of funby which kiddo I mean plain ordinary old sex such as can be had any free evening around hereand youll stop being depressed and worried Uncle Albin Cendars Priceless Old Recipe kiddo and dont argue with me it works

Dodd said nothing at all After a few seconds his eyes slowly closed and he sat like a statue in the room

Albin watching him whistled inaudibly under his breath A minute went by silently The light in the room began to diminish

Suns going down Albin offered

There was no response Albin got up again and went to the window

Maybe yourGalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pump right he said with his back to Dodds still figure There ought to be some way of getting people offplanet people who just dont want to stay here

Do you know why there isnt Dodds voice was a shock stronger than before

Sure I know Albin said Theres

Slavery Dodd said Oh sure maybe somebody knows about it but its got to be kept quiet And if anybody got backwell look

Dont bother me with it Albins voice was suddenly less sure

Look Dodd said The Confederation needs the metal It exists pure here and in quantity But if they knew really knew how we mined and smelted and purified it and got it ready for shipment

So suppose somebody goes back Albin said Suppose somebody talks What difference does it make Its just rumor nothing official No the reason nobody goes back is cargo space pure and simple We need every inch of cargo space for the shipments

If somebody goes back Dodd said the people will know Not the government not the businesses the people And the people dont like slavery Albin No matter how necessary a government finds it No matter what kind of a jerrybuilt defense you can put up for it

Dont be silly Albin said There was less conviction in his voice he looked out at the sunset as if he were trying to reassure himself

Nobodys allowed to leave Dodd said more quietly Weretheyre taking every precaution they can But some daymaybe some day Albinthe people are going to find out in spite of every precaution He sat straighter And then itll all be over Then theyll be wiped out Albin Wiped out

They need us Albin said uncertainly They cant do without us

Dodd swung round to face him The sunset was a deepening blaze in the Commons Room Wait and find out he said in a voice that suddenly rang on the metal walls Wait and find out

After a long time Albin said Damn it what you need is education A cure Fun What Ive been saying He paused and took a breath How about it Dodd

Dodd didnt move Another second passed All right Albin he said slowly at last Ill think about it Ill think about it

Chapter 3
The sleeping room for the Small Ones was by comparison with the great Commons Room only the masters inhabited a tiny place It had only the smallest of windows so placed as to allow daylight without any sight of the outside the windows were plasticsheeted slits high up on the metal walls no more The room was at best dim during the day but that hardly mattered during the day the room was empty Only at night when the soft artificial lights went on shedding the glow from their wallshielded tubes was the room fit for normal vision There were no decorations of course and no chairs the Alberts had no use for chairs and decorations were a refinement no master had yet bothered to think of The Alberts were hardly taught to appreciate such things in any case that was not what they had come to learn it was not useful

The floor of the room was covered with soft leaves striped a glossy brown over the pervasive graygreen of the planets foliage These served as a soft mat for sleeping and were also the staple food of the Alberts These were not disturbed to find their food strewn in such irregular heaps and drifts across the metal floor in their birth sacs they had lived by ingestion from the floor of the forest and later they had been so fed in the Birth Huts to which the Elders had taken them and where they had been cleaned and served and taught among other matters English

What they had been taught was at any rate English of a sort bearing within it the seeds of a more complex tongue and having its roots far back in the prespace centuries when missionaries had first begun to visit strange lands Men had called it pidgin and Bechelemer and a hundred different names in a hundred different variations Here the masters called it English The Alberts called it words and nothing more

Now after sunset they filed in thirty or so jewelgreen cyclopean alligators at the end of their first day of training waddling clumsily past the doorway and settled with a grateful crouching squat on the leaves that served as bed and food None were bothered by the act of sitting on the leaves for one thing they had no concept of dirt In the second place they were rather remarkably clean They had neither sex organs in any human sense of the word or specific organs of evacuation their entire elimination was gaseous Air ducts in the room would draw off the waste products and the Alberts never noticed them they had in fact no conception of evacuation as a process since to them the entire procedure was invisible and impalpable

The last of them filed in and the masterstwo of them carrying long metal tubesshut the door The Alberts were alone The doors clang was followed by other sounds as the lock was thrown The new noises and the strangeness of bare metal walls and artificial light still novel after only a single days training gave rise to something very like a panic and a confused babble of voices arose from the crowd

What is this

What place is this

It is a training place

My name Hortat My name Hortat

What is training

There is food here

What place is this

Where are elders

Are masters here

My food

Is this a place for sleeping

Training is to do what a master says Training

There are no elders My name Hortat

My place

My food

Where is this

Where is this place

Like the stirring of a child in sleep the panic lasted only a little while and gave way to an apathetic peace Here and there an Albert munched on a leaf holding it up before his wide mouth in the pose of a giant squirrel Others sat quietly looking at the walls or the door or the window or at nothing One whose name was Cadnan stirred briefly and dropped the leaf he was eating and turned to the Albert next to him

Marvor he said Are you troubled

Marvor seemed slighter than Cadnan and his single eye larger but both looked very much alike to humans as members of other races and particularly such races as the human in question judges inferior are prone to do I do not know what happens he said in a flat tone I do not know what is this place or what we do

This is the place of masters Cadnan said We train here and we work here and live here It is the rule of the masters

Yet I do not know Marvor said This training is a hard thing and the work is also hard when it comes

Cadnan closed his eye for a second to relax but he found he wanted to talk His first day in the world of the masters had been too confusing for him to order it into any sensible structure Conversation of whatever kind was a release and might provide more facts Cadnan was hungry for facts

He opened his eye again

It is what the masters say he told Marvor The masters say we do a thing and we do it This is right

Marvor bent toward him Why is it right he asked

Because the masters say it is right Cadnan told him with the surprised air of a person explaining the obvious The elders too say it before we come to this place He added the final sentence like a totally unnecessary clincherunimportant by comparison with the first reason but adding a little weight of its own and making the whole story even more satisfying

Marvor however didnt seem satisfied The masters always speak truth he said Is this what you tell me

It is true Cadnan said flatly

Marvor reflected for a second It may be he said at last He turned away found a leaf and began to munch on it slowly Cadnan picked up his own leaf quite automatically and it was several seconds before he realized that Marvor had ended the conversation He didnt want it to end Talk he told himself dimly was a good thing

Marvor he said do you question the masters It was a difficult sentence to frame the idea itself would never have occurred to him without Marvors prodding and it seemed now no more than the wildest possible flight of fancy But Marvor turning did not treat it fancifully at all

I question all he said soberly It is good to question all

But the masters Cadnan said

Marvor turned away again without answering

Cadnan stared at his leaf for a time His mind was troubled and there were no ready solutions in it He was not of the temperament to fasten himself to easy solutions He had instead to hammer out his ideas slowly and carefully then when he had reached a conclusion of some kind he had confidence in it and knew it would last

Marvor was just the samebut perhaps there had been something wrong with him from the beginning Otherwise Cadnan realized he would never have questioned the masters None of the Alberts questioned the masters any more than they questioned their food or the air they breathed

After a time Marvor spoke again I am different he said I am not like others

Cadnan thought this too obvious to be worth reply and waited

The elders tell me in the hut I am different Marvor went on When they come to bring food they tell me this

Cadnan took a deep breath of the air It was of course scented with the musk of the Alberts but Cadnan could not recognize it like his fellows he had no sense of smell Different is not good he said perceiving a lesson

You find out how different I am Marvor sat very still His voice was still flat but the tone carried something very like a threat Cadnan involved in his own thinking ignored it

The masters are big and we are small he said slowly The masters know better than we know

That is silliness Marvor said instantly I want things They make me do training Why can I not do what I want to do

Maybe Cadnan said with care it is bad

Marvor made a hissing sound Maybe they are bad he said Maybe the masters and the elders are bad

Matters had gone so far that even this thought found a tentative lodgment in Cadnans mind But almost at once it was rejected as a serious concept They give us leaves to eat he said They keep us here warm and dry in this place How is this bad

Marvor closed his eye and made the hissing sound again it was equivalent to a laugh of rejection He turned among the leaves and found enough room to lie dow
GalileoStar3 sucker rod pump,heavy fuel oil transfer pump
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