Elettrico di controllo intelligente di pellicola di vetro dimmerabile decorativo temperato di vetro PDLC vetro

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15,00 USD - 75,00 USD / Metro quadro | 1 Metro quadro/metri quadri (Ordine minimo)
rapporto di Attività Sospette
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Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
Numero del Modello:
Vetro a prova di proiettile, Vetro decorativo
Vetro stratificato di sicurezza, Stained Glass, Vetro temperato, Vetro colorato
Lastra di vetro
Di spessore:
5 + 5mm, 6 + 6 millimetri
Dim. Max.:
3.5*1.8 m
Di garanzia:
2 anni
Il consumo di energia:
4.76 W/㎡
Tensione di funzionamento:
110 v/220 v
Tensione di ingresso:
60 v
Rosso, blu, verde, nero, bianco.
Protezione della privacy
Nome del prodotto:
PDLC intelligente film di vetro, decorativo in vetro temperato
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
5000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Scatola di cartone
Huangpu, Guangzhou

Electric control smart film glass dimmable decorative tempered glass PDLC glass


Product show

Smart glass can be transparent when power on and turns opacity when power off .



UCEF Smart glass (also known as switchable transparent glass)----UCEF smart film is laminated with two pieces of glass, with EVA interlayer inserted on each side to trap and hold the UCEF. This structure can keep UCEF from scratch or wear.



1.Instant and precise privacy control and security with architectural integrity
friendly, protect skin of damaging UV 99%
3.Exceptional optical quality that reduce glare & eye strain
4.Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork
5.Energy savings on cooling & lighting costs
6.Ambient temperature control  
7.Aesthetically pleasing
8.Efficient use of space in the built environment



1. Width: 1200mm,1500mm,1800mm

   Length: 30-50m per roll
2. Color: Red, Blue, Green, White, Black.

3. Max. size: 3.5*1.8m
4. We can also produce with customs special requirement



Remote Control
Installation Guide



How it work

Product structure


Working principel:

There are liquid crystal and polymer between two pieces of ITO. So it can be transparent when power on and turns opacity when power off.


Self Cling UCEF film Wiring:



Product Parameters:



1. Bathroom glass enclosures--- with switchable transparent pricacy glass as electronic curtains of bathrooms in star hotels and luxurious villas, glass transparency can be controlled by opening/closing door or wall switch.


2. Car windows and skylights--- can use mirror tint on smart film to acoid high temperature.


3. Glass projection screen--- it can be widely used in bars, nightclubs, shopping windows, glass presentation display on exhibitions, recreation chambers glass walls, meeting room glass partitions.


4. Bank counter glass walls--- switch off the smart glass when staffs have a break. No cutrains will be needed. It can also keep bank staff's safety by switching off smart glass instantly in case there is robbery.



Packaging & Shipping

Max. size:3.5m*1.8m

Packing: wooden case

Shipping: transport by sea


Company information

Company profile:

Guangzhou Huahui Material Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Huahui Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a new and high technology company with producing and sales together. With our advanced producing peocedures and high quality materials imported from Europe, we exert our effort providing the clearest, the purist and the longest service life PDLC smart film for the building material, glass doors and windows and glass further processing industries. Huahui persists in supplying intelligent and convenient life for worldwide customers. We will develop all kinds of intelligent controlled smart PDLC film for end user.


Our factory:


Our Report & Certificates:


Related products:




1.Consulting service

a. Answer the queations about the smart film and glass film, and the problem about application.

b. Provide detailed information with Chinese and English of the products.

2. Provide technical training

The training covers storage, shipping, install, adjust, and precautions for use of the smart glass.



1.What is the difference between laminated and toughened glass and which should I use?

UCEF privacy glass is considered a laminated glass or safety glass, which means that the risk of injury is minimal because it breaks into small, dull shards. Toughened glass that is not laminated has a higher risk of injury because it has the potential to break into large, sharp shards. What type of glass one would use depends on the application.

2.Why is UCEF not as clear as regular glass?

It contains liquid crystal materials that optically manipulate light; therefore, it will naturally have some level of haziness to it. This haziness effect is magnified at larger viewing angles and with certain high-intensity lighting conditions.

3.What is the operational voltage?

60VAC, provided with our transformer.

4.Is the glass transparent with the power ON or OFF? Can it be reversed?

The glass is transparent when the power is ON. No, the mechanism cannot be reversed.

5.Are there any requirements regarding the framing (aluminum or non-aluminum) ?

No, any frame would be suitable.

6.Can the wires attached to the glass support the weight of the glass?

The wires are for powering the glass and cannot handle the stress, which means you cannot pull on the wires to move it or use it to hang the glass. For mounting purposes, you will need to utilize a frame or allow us to drill holes into the glass.

7.What is the operating temperature range?

–30oC to 60oC (-20oF to140oF).

8.Can multiple glass panels be connected together?

Yes, glass panels need to be connected in parallel.

9.Where are the bus bar and wires used to power the film located?

Bus bars are located at the long or short edges of the film. Please contact us for configuration options.

10.Can the wire leads be connected to only one point of the glass?

No. Typically wire leads are connected at 2 corners of the glass.


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