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Unità di trasferimento dati DTU LXI980-4G

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Qualcomm, Qualcomm
Numero del Modello:
Di acquisizione dati, Di acquisizione dati
Punto d'origine:
Guangdong, China
4G tutto Netcom versione
Luogo di Origine:
Guangdong, Cina (Continente)
Temperatura di funzionamento:
-25 ℃ + 70 ℃
Temperatura di stoccaggio:
-40 ℃ + 80 ℃
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28.5X17X6.5 cm
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0.600 kg
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Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Product Description
LXI980-4G Data Transfer Unit,generator remote monite model,GPRS remote control .
Product overview This series product has LXI980G-GSM/CDMA/ET three models,can meet customer’s requirement of GPRS wireless communication,CDMA wireless communication,Ethernet wire communication and WIFI wireless communication. It can compatible ith DSE, ComAp, Harsen, LIXiSE, Smartgen etc main controllers (Due to the increasing number of compatible controllers, the LIXiSE website will show details). The model with "G" means this product has the GPS function. The following will introduce LXI980G as sample.
LXI980G is a industrial-grade GPRS/CDMA /ET product with GPS global satellite positioning function. The product internal integration with high performance, low power consumption of industrial-grade GPS module and GPRS/CDMA/ET module, perfect combination of GPS global positioning technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA/ET communication technologies.
LXI980G platform based on ARM and embedded operating system, built-in industrial-grade module, it can be used in harsh environments, working temperature range can be up to -40℃ ~ + 85℃. LXI980G provide standard RS232 serial interface, can be quickly and PLC, industrial control, instruments, meters, RTU equipment is linked together, through the GPRS/CDMA/ET network will be linked to LXI980G equipment data transmission to a host on the Internet, realize the data remote transparent transmission, at the same time to the front-end equipment of GPS location information reported to host, realize positioning of the equipment.
LXI980G has positioning, wireless data communications and data processing capabilities, small size, strong and durable, stable and reliable, easy installation, It can be widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. Particularly suitable for tower crane monitoring, heavy machinery management.
But also can be used in the field of taxi operations management, transport vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle rental management and leasing, etc.

Product features v  Each frame can be set to 1024B length (CACHE 4 frames), suitable for continuous transmission of large amounts of data; v  Use industrial-grade GPRS/CDMA module, embedded protocol stack; v  Supply voltage range: 6V to 36V v  With device power off function, easy to control. v  Data transparent transmission, the user does not need to understand the complex TCP/IP, PPP and other protocols v  Support data center dynamic domain name or IP address access v  Support APN virtual private network service v  Support break automatically reconnect function v  Have humanized connection occasion controlled function, more save data flow rate. v  Support local and remote graphical interface configure and maintain v  upports GPS positioning data reporting and query functions, data import Baidu map to achieve satellite map precise positioning v  Reliable design of multiple hardware and software, combined the watchdog technology, make the  safe running of the equipment.
Network type
GPRS mobile station type /GPRS Multi-slot type
CDMA2000 1X /Ethemet
Frequency band
GPRS network
CDMA network
GPRS Max:85.6Kbps
CDMA Max:153.6Kbps
GPRS/CDMA network transmission rate
GPRS Max:42.8Kbps
CDMA Max:153.6Kbps
SIM card voltage
Antenna Interface
Serial interface Level type
RS-232 Standard Level /RS485/LINK/CAN
Serial port baud rate
Supports standard baud rate
Power supply
Power dissipation
Working:Max 800mA-104dBm
communication module work current
Standby:≤30 mA
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Humidity range
LXI980G series
GPRS+GPS version
CDMA+GPS version
4G all Netcom version
Ethernet version
Customized model
If don’t use the mainland of China, please confirm the specific model with our technical support;
Direction for use
LXI980-4G can works with different controller in different brands.
Customer only need to put a SIM card in the model,after connection with controller,fill in the genset/models information in the cloud syste(,after download a mobile APP,can monitor,control start/stop and manage genset anywhere anytime!
  • Effection of use

Through the mobile phone APP, we click on the units we want to test. Whether the units are on standby, running or offline, they
can all be tested through the platform. The platform will have detailed data showing that we can easily grasp the health condition
of the units.

Main functions: genset running real-time monitoring, genset switch, alarm information push, black box recording function (18
seconds before genset failure data analysis) , genset health detection, view history, maintenance record (spare parts maintenance
cycle) , machine inspection report, genset location, genset field management.

Large screen display
Large screen display, PC terminal, mobile app, three platforms display in an all-round way, real- time monitoring and feedback of the latest status of the generator set.
GPS function
Distribution of genset: view the real-time location of the genset, click the unit icon for remote operation, and view the operation status
Packing Details : Packaging individual packing and standard export carton. Delivery Details : reach most of the countries within 5 to 10 business days.

1.Special logistics packaging

The packing box of each product is very strong to ensure that the product will not be damaged due to transportation.

2. Shock bubble film

The inner wall of each carton is cushioned with anti-impact Foam.

3.Suitable carton size

We will choose the right size box according to the weight of the product.Too Heavy/too light is not appropriate.
After Sales Service
After-sales service content
1) Product warranty period: 1 year. Free maintenance within 2 years.
2) Provide technical support and relevant application consulting services.
3) If the product cannot be repaired due to quality problems, the new product shall be replaced for free within 1 year.
4) Do not bear the freight sent back from abroad.
5) Dealers shall enjoy more preferential policies.
Company Introduction
Our Company TUANCHENG/FEIRUI Committed to the development,production,sales of generator controller,data collector,automatic voltage regulator,speed governor,battery charger and other intelligent automation products.These pare parts of generator sets are exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Asia,Middle East , Africa and South America,and are favored by customers at home and abroad.

In 2009, the company has been implementing refined and specialized production process management, and introduced the simulation and automated test equipment of NI from the United States. AOI testing equipment is introduced to minimize the reliability problems caused by false welding or weak welding. Initial joint venture established in 2013, set design, development, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of brand enterprises, the company launched the "i6 cloud platform" is a USES the Internet technology, the generator is connected to the cloud server, from all kinds of terminal (PC, mobile phone) can monitor the operation of the generator set data and control the generating set. Based on this monitoring service as the core, it provides users with health monitoring, remote fault diagnosis service and maintenance service of generator set, and provides e-commerce service and technical exchange platform for generator industry. I6 cloud services in the remote monitoring technology applications, mobile base station communication applications and system integration solutions and other power communication fields, mobile communication companies, government agencies and quickly put into use in the market. Our mission: to promote the intelligent development of Chinese generators;
Our vision:Let the generator also enjoy a healthy life
Simulation Test Platform:
Quality Department anti-truth test platform, according to the generator load, load the actual operating conditions, combined with the electronic parameters of production. Process simulation test generator operation among the various electrical and electronic products whether there is a valid function, performance is reliable and stable, for example, start, stop, whether sensitive and effective; low frequency, high frequency is effective early warning; low-speed, high-speed Are there warning overspeed protection; each item output voltage is stable; the speed is normal, and so the function tests. Through a series of anti-truth test platform inspection, sieve to get rid of substandard products or early failure of the product

PCBA Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment

ALD-620 type automatic optical inspection equipment, referred to as AOI, is based on the principles of optics, image comparison theory, statistical modeling principles of smart devices to detect welding defects on common problems encountered. AOI technology to detect the most representative of the three functions: fault, leakage, anti.

Rubber sealing machine

In order to improve the production efficiency, the company has introduced advanced glue injection machine, which not only improves the speed, but also makes the product surface of glue injection more beautiful and even. In addition, it perfectly solves the problem that the glue is not easy to dry in rainy weather, reduces the waiting time of customers, and meets the urgent order needs of customers.

Lead Single Wave Soldering Machine:

DS-250B-type lead single wave soldering machine can automatically complete the PCB from fluxing, preheating, soldering and cooling, and all other welding processes, mainly for surface mount components, short legs-line components and mixed type of PCB overall welding. Continuous production operations, which can reach a solid and reliable welding old surface clean, bright, full, shapely purpose on the tin. Apply for company's AVR (Voltage Regulator) series, the governor plate series, controllers, and other products produced tin solder.
Our products are exported to 30 countries and areas such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, highly recommended by domestic and foreign customers.
at the Shanghai international power exhibition,there are many customers right away and we signed a cooperation agreement with the order.Spoke highly of our products are ahead in the development of the industry, fully explain our product innovation in science and technology, application and technology is the industry leader in solution.
at the Shanghai international power exhibition,there are many customers right away and we signed a cooperation agreement with the order.Spoke highly of our products are ahead in the development of the industry, fully explain our product innovation in science and technology, application and technology is the industry leader in solution.

Customer Studing about I6 Cloud System in Factory

Customer Visiting

Customer Studing about I6 Cloud System

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? A: We are factory. Q: How long is your delivery time? 1.Generally it is 2-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity. Q: What is your terms of payment ? 1.We accept alibaba order online, Alipay, West Union, TT. Cash.  2.All major Credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.
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