Su misura Fatti A Mano Damasco Piegante Utility Knife in Tasca

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Punto d'origine:
Numero del Modello:
Lama piegante della lamierina
Materiale della lamierina:
Acciaio di damasco
Materiale della maniglia:
G10 Foglio e Mosaico
Coltello da caccia
Nel complesso Lunghezza Aperta:
Circa 22.8 centimetri
Lunghezza della lama:
Circa 10.0 centimetri
Spessore della lama:
4.0 millimetri
Rafforza Materiale:
Ottone Inciso Rafforza
Sistema di bloccaggio:
Con linner blocco
Modello in acciaio:
Fuoco strom modello
In vera Pelle
Servizio Fornito
Logo personalizzato
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month Customized Handmade Damascus Folding Utility Knife in Pocket
Confezionamento & Consegna
Poli sacchetto + sacchetto di carta bianca, scatola interna, scatola dell'esportazione
Karachi Pakistan
Tempi di consegna: :
approx 10 days
Product Description

Customized  Handmade Damascus Folding Utility Knife in Pocket


Damascus Steel, hand forged with 1095 & 15n20 high and low carbon steel


Fire Storm Pattern


Brass Engraved Bolsters, G10 Sheet and Mosaic, with liner lock


Genuine Leather


- Overall Open Length: 9.0inches / 22.8cm

- Handle Length: 5.0inches / 12.8cm

- Blade Length: 3.9inches / 10.0cm

- Blade Thickness: 4.0mm

- Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC



Simple! Elegant! Downright eye-catching!


It all starts with the Damascus steel blade. The Damascus is created by hand-forging together 176 layers of high-quality 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel with a strong core to make a powerful and handsome blade. It's up to 58 HRC which hold the sharpness for long time and can be used for tough work.

It engages easily with the thumb stud and locks securely with a liner lock.


But the beauty of the knife doesn't stop at the blade. The handle boasts two disparate materials that complement one another perfectly. In this artfully crafted tool, the bolster is fitted with same Damascus Steel that's made even more vivid by the Sheep Horn.


All of the features on the Damascus Knife work in concert to create a knife that's not only functional and reliable but stunning and stately.


Detailed Images

Damascus Pocket Knife

Name: Damascus Pochet Knife 

Model Number: MH-DPN026

Brand: MH 

Steel Pattern: Fire strom pattern

Original: Pakistan

ODM/OEM: Service Provided



Customized, Foldable, With Leather Sheath

Handle Material: G10 Sheet and Mosaic

Blade Material: Damascus Steel 

Bolsters Material: Brass Engraved Bolsters 

This blade is hand forged with 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel. It's up to 58 HRC which hold the sharpness for long time and can be used for tough work.







You are warmly welcome to contact us for your own design.

100% handmade.

Like no eggs can be drawn same, every damascus knife is unique.

                     BASKET WEAVE                    BASKET WEAVE ADVANCED                     DISTORTION

                       SNAKE                                               STARS                                                WEAVE

Available blade patterns:

 - Random

 - Twist (twist fire , white line ,black lines, feather palm etc)

 - Rain Drop

 - Ladders 


Available bolster material:

 - Brass

 - Stainless Steel

 - Damascus Steel


Available handle material:

 - G10 Sheets

 - Micarta sheets (different colors)

 - Horn (buffalo / deer / Sheep)

 - Camel bone ( can be colored)

 - Woods (Rosewood / Olive wood / Maple  wood / Cocobolo wood / Snakewood / Ashwood / Densified color wood)





Here is the locked knife looks like when turned       Position your thumb to push the lock towards

upside down.                                                                   the handle.



Push the lock ALL THE WAY to the handle until          Rotate the blade until the blade itself keeps

it is flush.                                                                          the lock flush with the handle.   



Notice that the thumb must move out of the way of the blade rotation.



Packing & Delivery



(L) * (W) * (D)



Packaging Details

1, Each knife into leather sheath.


2,Wrapping with white paper and put in Poly bag.


3, Each knife per inner box.


4, Export carton




Your satisfaction is our greatest goal!

Please contact with us for best quotation without any hesitation!





      Damascus Folding Knife               Damascus Hunting Knife             Damascus Pocket Knife

         93.5% Response Rate                        92.3% Response Rate                     97.1% Response Rate 

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