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Cina Tencan laboratorio acrilico glove box, lab trasparente glove box

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Universal Testing Machine
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Dettagli in breve
Punto d'origine:
Numero del Modello:
Vetro organico o acylic di vetro
Di spessore:
10 millimetri
Principale formato della scatola:
700*450*500 millimetri
Isolamento di polvere e non di vuoto
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
50 Set/Sets per Week
Confezionamento & Consegna
Di plastica + gomma piuma + strati di scatola di legno, o in base a voi richieste.
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 anhydrous and anaerobic state acrylic glove box dispenser


Product Description


Transparent Glove Box( organic glass or acylic glass )






Overview of Transparent Glove Box


Transparent vacuum glove box is also called Inert gas operation box. In course of scientific experiment, some substances are easy to be oxidized and humidified. That makes reaction of test materials and pre-disposal of samples very difficult and influences experimental process and test result. Acrylic vacuum glove box solves all those problems effectively. Test sample can be input and output safely by the device and you may operate freely, make reaction and testing in anhydrous and anaerobic state in order to ensure experimental operation. It is mainly composed of main box, transit room and side door. If user has special requirement, it can also be customized and designed according to customer needs. There are 2 glove interfaces. In front of the main box, user can clearly view the box inner situation. There are two vacuum ball valves and one vacuum gauge on the right of the main box. And there are also two vacuum ball valves and one vacuum gauge on the transit room. It can be used according to user needs. The ball valve can be connected with water faucet when needing water or ventilation. Light bulb can be also installed. Transit room means the transition between the main box and outdoor, composed by two sealed doors, two vacuum ball valves and one room. Two doors isolate the main box from connecting with the outdoor, making material putting in and taking out for lab easily.



Applications of Transparent Vacuum Glove Box  


Some materials are very sensitive to water and oxygen when doing chemical experiment.So it is hard to finish the research. Although vacuum vessel can satisfy anaerobic and vacuum degree, it is not convenient for operating the procedure. Vacuum glove box solve the environment and operation problem.So it is widely used in chemistry, biology and biochemistry, especially in catalyst and metal organics. 



Acrylic Vacuum Glove Box Warning 


* When it is vacuum state, it is not allowed to opening transit room door and glove interface cover, not allowed to discharge the vacuum glove box to check and repair.
* Power: 220V, 50HZ, 1KW.
* It should be vacuum pump for glove interface first or vacuum pump glove interface together with main box. stop vacuum pump for main box first or stop vacuum pump for main box and glove interface together. 
* The accessory to connect with vacuum tube should be fit and sealed tightly. It should not exceed 1 atmosphere when filling in inert gas.









Parameters of Transparent Glove Box







Packaging & Shipping



 Shippment & Payment




Our Services



Product Quality Warranty:
Oneyear warranty period shall be provided to any client who buys our products and related accessories. 


The following promises are valid within the warranty period which is calculated from time or date 


when the client or consumer takes delivery of machine, opens case, inspects machine and receives 


with signature. We promise to guarantee free replacement within one month, and guarantee free 


repair within one year.




Client may enjoy free replacement within one month if any of following occurs:
1) The machine is broken in course of transportation;
2) Motor and frequency converter are burnt out;
3) The key part or main disk of the machine is seriously in failure. 




ItemsName of PartsQuality Warranty Period
Electric Partsfrequency converter12
travel switch12
air switch12
power line6
Machinery Parts main assembly parts12
belt pulley6
Othersstay bar12
top rod6
Fragile and Easy-consumed Partsbelt0
mill balls0




We shall promise to provide most favorable policy and best services after expiration of quality


warranty period.




After-sale Services Promises:




1) We shall make prompt response to any problem about the machine within 24 hours if you have.
2) We shall provide 6-day 8-hour services for all our clients and subscribers, and shall provide


    trouble-shooting solutions until the fault is completely eliminated.
3) If the machine is found any fault or problem, please do not hesitate to notify us the details about


    faults, caused reasons and status. We shall do our great efforts to solve according to following




  • a. Common faults: 


Common faults refer to failure of non critical parts or improper configuration that effects partial


operation or leads to Inconvenience of machine operation. We shall solve such problems by email


or posting parts by courier.




  • b. Serious faults:


Serious faults refer to failure of key parts or improper configuration that influence running or


operating of machine widely. We shall firstly diagnose reasons of faults by email or phone, then,


shall send replacement of parts by courier, until solve the problems. Courier freight shall be for


our account within quality warranty period.




Exception Clauses




Quality warranty service shall be exception and shall not be enjoyed if any of following occurs:




1) Faults and damages of machine which are caused by human factors or working under abnormal


   working environment.
2) Clients take liberty to disassembly, or repair, or refit the machine without factory’s agreement. 
3) Damages of machine caused by bad transportation.
4) Damages caused by other force majeure factors such as fire, thunder strike, earthquake,


   abnormal voltage.
5) Normal old use, normal abrasion, break and infection.




Service Hotline:  0086-13357214760




Company Information







Typical Clients



As one of the most professional powder equipment manufacturers in China, TENCAN have won a


high reputation and good recognition both in domestic  and abroad. The following are our cooperate










Q  What’s your warranty?


A   One-year warranty period is provided. If any problem while you are using the machine, you may contact Service Hotline: 0086 13357214760  for after-sale service.




Q   Does your ball mill get to nano scale powder?


A   It depends on property of material and grinding process you set. Generally, most of materials can be ground into nano scale powder. Meanwhile, we provide sample grinding experiment free of charge if you send us sample of your material.




Q   What’s the delivery time?


A   We have lots of regular Models in stock. Packing can be done within 3 working days after your full payment is confirmed. Delivery time is about 5 days by courier. Therefore, you are expected to get the equipment in about 10 days after your payment confirmed.




Q   Can you provide testing service of grinding powder experiment before we place order?


A   Yes. Sample powder testing is available for any customer who sends material to us, and powder testing is also free of charge.




Q   Are you trade company or factory?


A   We are one of the largest manufacturers of powder mills and laboratory equipment in China.




Q   I need a mill machine for lab use, what’s your minimum type?


A   The minimum type is 0.4L planetary ball mill, ModelXQM-0.4A in size of 53*30*34cm, machine weight 26kgs. We have other types from 1L to 100L for your options.




Q   Do you have mills for black carbon grinding?


A   We have customers who bought our planetary ball mills for black carbon grinding, as the black carbon is easy to sink and get together in the bottom of the mill jar, we recommend the full- directional planetary ball mill for black carbon grinding. According to the feedbacks from our customers, the model of full-directional planetary ball mill solved the above mentioned problems successfully.






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