Built-in di Alimentazione Ra, Rz Superficie Digitale Portatile Tester di Rugosità Teren tenuto in mano tipo 10% di Precisione

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Punto d'origine:
Liaoning, China
Numero del Modello:
Ra, Rz
Abrasione Tester
Di alimentazione:
≤ ± 10%
Campo di misura:
Ra: 0.05 ~ 10.00 um/1.000 ~ 400.0 uinch
Fluttuazione del valore di visualizzazione:
Non più di 6%
La valutazione di lunghezza:
1 ~ 5 L opzionale
Di Alimentazione:
Built-in batteria ricaricabile Li-Ion
Condizioni di funzionamento:
Temperatura: 0 ~ 50 ℃ Umidità: <80% di UMIDITÀ RELATIVA
Principio di prova:
Induttanza tipo

Confezionamento & Consegna

Unità di vendita:
Articolo singolo
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30X30X10 cm
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4.0 kg
Tipo di confezione:
Built-in di Alimentazione Ra, Rz Superficie Digitale Portatile Tester di Rugosità Teren Scatola di cartone
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Built-in  Power Ra, Rz Digital Surface Portable Roughness Tester Teren DTI-SRT-6200


Product Description






Widely used in production site to measure surface roughness of various machinery-processed parts, calculate corresponding parameters according to selected measuring conditions and clearly display all measurement parameters.


* Be compatible with four standards of ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS. When measuring the roughness of a surface, the sensor is placed on the surface and then uniformly slides along the surface by driving the mechanism inside the tester. The sensor gets the surface roughness by the sharp built-in probe. This roughness causes displacement of the probe which results in change of inductive amount of induction coils so as to generate analogue signal, which is in proportion to the surface roughness at output end of phase-sensitive rectifier. The exclusive DSP processes and calculates and then outputs the measurement results on LCD.


* Multiple parameter measurement: Ra, Rz.

* Highly sophisticated inductance sensor.

* Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and control circuit with high capacity.

* Small in size, light in weight and easy to use.

* Manual or automatic shut down.

* Metric /Imperial Conversion.

* Use “USB data output” and “RS-232 data output” to connect with PC.

* Provide “Bluetooth ™ data output” choice.



4 digits, 10 mm LCD, with blue backlight



Measuring Range

Ra: 0.05~10.00 um / 1.000~400.0 uinch

Rz: 0.020~100.0 um / 0.780~4000 uinch


≤ ± 10%

Fluctuation of display value

Not more than 6%


Test Principle

Inductance type

Radius of Probe Pin

10 um

Material of Probe Pin


Dynamo-measurement of Probe

16 mN(1.6 gf)

Probe Angle


Vertical Radius of Guiding Head

48 mm

Maximum driving stroke

17.5 mm / 0.7 inch

Cutoff length (l)

0.25 mm / 0.8 mm / 2.5 mm optional

Driving speed




When Length = 0.25 mm, Vt = 0.135 mm/s

When Length = 0.8 mm, Vt = 0.5 mm/s

When Length = 2.5 mm, Vt = 1 mm/s


Vt = 1 mm/s


0.001 um, if reading < 10um

0.01 um, if 10um ≤ reading ≤ 100um

0.1 um, if reading ≥ 100um

Evaluation length

1~5 L optional

Auto Power Off

Operating conditions

Temperature: 0~50 ℃   Humidity: < 80 %RH

Power Supply

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery


140 × 52 × 48 mm


420 g



Standard Accessories:

1. Main Unit

2. Small Screwdriver

3. Power Adapter

4. Standard Sample Plate

5. Standard Sensor

6. Adjustable Leg

7. Sheath of Sensor

8. Carrying Case

9. Instruction Manual



Optional Accessories:

1. Groove Stylus SRP-110

2. Curvature Probe SRP-120

3. Extension Rod SER-150

4. Measurement Stand SRS-1

5. USB, RS-232C data cable with software
6. Bluetooth data out put with software



Packaging & Shipping


1pc in one carton, carton dimension: 35*28*13cm, total weight: 2kg.

2pc in one carton, carton dimension: 35*28*25cm, total weight: 4kg. 6pcs in one carton , carton dimension : 52*34*35cm, total weight :13.2kg

In normally ship the goods by DHL, FEDEX, UPS  , AIR , SEA.



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We can supply you 6 types  Surface Roughness Testers ,and other measuring instruments like ultrasonic thickness gauges,sound level meters,vibration meters etc.


Welcome every inquiries and consults at your free time if you need !!!!!!!!





1:How long will you give me the reply?

we will contact you in 2 hours as soon as we can.
2:Could I get samples?
Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.
3:How about the quality of the magnets?
We have the certification of ISO,CE ,we could send the certification test of our company to you.
4:How is the price?
As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality pressure sensor we can with reasonable price.
5:Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
We have materials in our stock,if you really need,you can tell us and we will try our best to satisfy you.
6:Could I visit your factory?
Of course,if you need we will help you to visit our factory.
7:If I have paid,when will you help me to produce?
When we have received the money in our account,we will give you the receipt and arrange to produce immediately.


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