Akyga Micro ATX / Flex ATX / mini ITX computer SFF Case AK-502-01BK

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Guangdong, China
Computer case ATX
CE Rohs
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100000 Bag/Bags per Month
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Shenzhen or Gdansk
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21 days

                         Akyga   Micro ATX / Flex ATX / mini ITX computer SFF Case  AK-502-01BK

Small Form Factor case AK-502-01BK is a perfect alternative for those looking for functional and aesthetic miniaturization solutions for a traditional PC case. Due to their minimalistic design and compact size, these cases are eagerly used in office and business computers.

The casing allows the use of one of three different types of motherboards: Micro ATX, Mini ITX and Flex ATX, which is an important asset in adapting the components to changing needs and requirements, enhancing the versatility of the product. In addition, depending on your preferences and needs, the case can be set vertically or horizontally. One 5.25" external bay located on the top and one 3.5" external bay allows to mount a CD/DVD drive, burner or can be used as a space for memory card reader. Inside there is one 3.5” and one 2.5” bay for mounting discs and drives. The design allows for a completely tool-less assembly of all drives, allowing quick replacement and installation. Responsible for efficient cooling of components is quiet fan with a diameter of 6 cm and automatic speed control.

On the front panel there are a three USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer and one standard 2.0 port for connecting wireless mice, keyboards, external storage media or other peripherals. The headphone and microphone inputs are located right next to it, providing easy and fast access to the peripherals.

To ensure safety, the case is equipped with a Kensington Security Slot which helps to protect the computer against theft. This feature is eagerly used in office computers.

To protect the environment, all Akyga cases are packed in EcoBoxes.


Product Description


  • Product code AK-502-01BK
  • Product type Computer case SFF
  • Format Small Form Factor
  • Motherboard Compatibility Micro ATX / Flex ATX / mini ITX
  • Drive Bays 5.25" external 1 pc
  • Tool- less 5.25" device installation Yes
  • Drive Bays 3.5" external 1 pc
  • Drive Bays 3.5" internal 1 pc
  • Tool- less 3.5" device installation Yes
  • Drive Bays 2.5" internal 1 pc
  • Number of USB 3.0 ports on the front panel 1 pc
  • Number of USB 2.0 ports on the front panel 3 pcs
  • Audio socket on the front panel 1 pc
  • Microphone socket on the front panel 1 pc
  • Opening sensor Optional
  • Kensington Lock Yes
  • Hole for padlock Yes
  • Cable management system Basic
  • Installed fans 1 pc
  • Fan size 6 cm
  • Power supply unit included AK-T1-300
  • Material Galvanized steel, ABS
  • Product color Black
  • Package EcoBox
  • Product size (L x W x H) 356 x 102 x 338 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H) 409 x 209 x 445 mm
  • Net weight 3.1 kg
  • Gross weight 3.8 kg


Company Information


A.Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and professional offer in consumer and computers electronics field.

B.Many years of market presence has allowed us to gain experience through which we can now perform our mission by providing products of the highest quality.

C.We constantly take care of continuous offer development so Akyga can become synonymous with creative following the development of digital and multimedia technology.

D.At the moment our product portfolio contains about 420 items in over 20 product groups.

E.Brand Akyga is also currently one of the fastest growing brands on the power supplies and computer cases market in Europe.



Why Akyga?


• Usage of the latest technology,
• Attractive prices for highest quality products,
• Combination of the functionality of each product with the original style and aesthetics,
• The guarantee of reliable performance due to rigorous quality control at each stage of production,
• Fast and efficient service,
• Continuous expansion of the company's new products offer,
• Care for the environment.


Akyga culture:

Akyga is to act in accordance with pro-ecological solutions. For this purpose, we have created an internal concept GreenAkyga, which supports the development of our brand including an important aspect of environmental protection. All products, if possible, we send in special Ecobox or Unibag packages type. We resigned from using unnecessary painted, colourful packages, and the number of plastic bags and foils have been reduced to a minimum. We make our product boxes with biodegradable plain brown cardboard and so the imprints are made with ecological ink. The whole is always crowned with a simple and clear label which shows the appearance of the inside product and its most important parameters. Unification of the packaging also allows easy identification of the products of our brand.

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