Aria Condizionata Vestiti Ventola di Raffreddamento Giacca Ciclismo UPF 50 + Protezione Del Sole Dei Vestiti

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Heat-Protection Clothing
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Guangdong, China
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39X35X2 cm
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0.6 kg
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Product Description

* [UPF30] the surface of the air-conditioner clothing is made of special titanium, which is coated with sunscreen. The UPF30(uv protection index) is internationally certified and the UPF index has reached the level of Australian sunscreen B. For asians, every UPF1 addition adds 15 minutes of sunscreen. Therefore, UPF30 can obtain (30 * 15)/60=7.5 hours of sunscreen time. That is, able to cope with daily commutes and short outings. UPF30 effectively prevents up to 96% of the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin, prevents sunburn, and avoids the use of sunscreen lotion. This can meet the needs of most people in the daily sun.

* [Latest fan] detachable air conditioning clothes (replacement and washing of air-conditioned clothes (without fan) separately) 2019 with the latest USB fan (this product does not come with a mobile battery), some batteries are not necessary, it can handle 95% of the market movement battery. If the battery runs out of the air, you can easily get a new battery (this product does not come with a mobile power supply). Air-conditioned clothes have three stages: high, medium and low, so you can adjust the wind speed according to different weather temperatures. Its maximum speed and maximum wind speed reach 4100 r / m and 3 m / s, respectively, but the sound produced is only 25 decibels. Even with the same mobile battery, the mobile battery can be used more fully, with a 40% performance improvement over conventional fans.

*[Unique neckline air channel] The air conditioning collar is equipped with an air passage switch. When the switch is pressed, the built-in memory steel plate forms a 3D solid air passage. The air passage not only rapidly discharges the temperature emitted by the human body, but also directs the blown wind to a position above the neck. This design has just solved this problem because when you go out in the summer, your neck is sweating. It keeps the neck fresh and gives people a better outing experience.The air-conditioning kit is made of 100% polyester with high strength and toughness and can withstand a maximum tensile strength of 600 N, or 60 kg. Even if you are engaged in intense outdoor activities, your air-conditioned clothes will not be torn. Air-conditioned clothes have excellent water resistance and can withstand 90% waterproof performance. There is no need to worry that the water it sticks to the skin is very sticky. The surface of the air-conditioned clothes has a multi-layer mesh micro-hole, which can be blown against the wind, keeps the wind, and circulates the wind in the clothes, evaporates the sweat, discharges the heat, and the cooling effect is realized quickly.

Product Type:
air conditioned jacket
Polyester fiber
5 / 7.2v
Hand or machine wash
Spring or summer
Blue, Grey
Supply Type:
In-stock Items or OEM service(More than 200)
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Company Profile

Shenzhen Vinmori Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2017, expertizing in fan cooling/ airconditioned/heated clothes design & manufacturing. Over the past two years, Vinmori has earned global reputation among customers from Japan, USA, Europe and other areas. Forging ahead to be expert in functional clothing manufacturing, Vinmori will always take care of your inner feeling in every bitter season. 

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