Prezzo accessibile a sgancio anioni sviluppare la saggezza di lusso magnetica tormalina stuoia stuoia di cristallo singolo

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40,00 USD - 150,00 USD / Parte | 100 Parte/parti (Ordine minimo)
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Punto d'origine:
Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Numero del Modello:
Parole chiave:
Tormalina stuoia stuoia di cristallo singolo
La cura del corpo
Tormalina lontano infrarosso termico di riscaldamento pad
Tempo di vita:
3 anni
Di alimentazione:
50 W
220 V personalizza
Sacchetto di polvere in scatola
Di garanzia:
12 mesi
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
8500 Piece/Pieces per Month tourmaline mat crystal mat single
Confezionamento & Consegna
Sacchetto di polvere in scatola
Tormalina stuoia stuoia di cristallo singolo
Dalian port

Affordable price release anions develop wisdom magnetic luxury tourmaline mat crystal mat single

Product Show


[Product Name]

Yiyuan Tourmaline Mat

[Edge Material]

Thick Leather


Jade stone, Germanium, Tourmaline, Amethyst

[Temp. Controller Mode]

Double temp. control digital display, single control digital display, non-digital display

[Service life]

20years without misuse or damage by human courses

[Power Supply]

220V/ 50Hz /50W

[Temperature range]

Max.70 degree


Product Description


Bio-electrode micro-current on a variety of human cells, various tissues and various organs at a relatively static state or active state with both potential and potential changes occur, promote metabolism, regulate the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, regulatory function of the cerebral cortex, have a beneficial improvement of the heart rhythm and blood circulation and especially microcirculation.


Product Name

Warm tourmaline health mat



Consumption Power


Product Certification


Safety Service Life

3 years

Power Supply

220V, 50Hz

Product Standard



Liaoyang Yiyuan Jade Products Co., Ltd.




For those who are afflicted with rheumatism, arthritic back soreness, insomnia and dreaminess, far-infrared is their best choice, so are sub-healthy people, those with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

superior, thick and durable leather

Fabrics are made of leather of superior quality and environmental friendly composites, which enables products with abrasive resistance, non-deformation, elegant appearance, antibiosis features and long service life.


1.leather layer

High-end PU leather layer, environmental friendly PU materials. Waterproof and secure.

2.gauze layer

protecting jades from coming off the surface; fine and smooth; abrasion, high temperature and aging resistance; durable

3.Jade pieces

Made of natural grade A Xiuyan jades, assurance of superior quality

4.carbon fiber cloth

Cloth materials are extracted from 1300 degrees Celsius coals. Carbon fiber can release far-infrared to kill bacteria and absorb moisture to keep sleep environment dry.

5.heater layer

silica gel heater with 488W power, heating up the mattress rapidly

6.temperature sensor

attached with four temperature sensors, sensing the variation of temperature inside the mattress. Messages will be sent to the sensor once the temperature is up to set point.

7.Thermal protection switch

The mattress is attached with four thermal protection switches that are able to

monitor temperature variation range and will be disconnected automatically to cut the power off once the temperature change goes beyond the secure range, protecting the physiotherapy mattress and users from being burned.

8.insulation cloth

Humanization design, preventing electricity leakage resulting from accidental products’ damage, keeping users secure  

9.aluminum foil layer

Shading people from harm of water pulse waves and over 99% detrimental electromagnetic waves.

10.spray-bonded nonwoven fabric layer excellent ventilation, elasticity and tenacity; non-deformation; aging and laundry resistance; innocuous;

11.cutton layer

Non-textile fiber are able to insulate high temperature and prevent carbon fiber threads from intertwining with each other.

12.Waterproof layer

Superior waterproof and antistatic lining

6.Thermostat Socket 

1.Connect the thermostat socket with heater correctly

1)plug the heater in the thermostat socket properly and tightly.

2)Plug in after the thermostat and the heater are connected

2.plug the thermostat in the power socket

3.Turn the thermostat on, set the temperature and enjoy the jade treatment

1).temperature setting

The thermostat knob has 7 gears. Users can turn the knob to first to second gear(about 18-30

degrees Celsius ) at the beginning. After the mattress warms up, turn the knob to third gear(about

40 degrees Celsius ). Turn the gear back to first gear after one hour thermotherapy. When airing

blanks, fifth gear(about 50 degrees Celsius) is recommended. Spread out blankets on themattress,

moisture, bacteria and acarids will be rid off after 1-3 hours.

2)When not using it, pleaseset the thermostat to the lowest gear-first gear. Unplug the mattress after the thermostat switch is off.

Packaging & Shipping

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Our Adavantage

Company Information

Liaoyang Yiyuan jade products Co. Ltd is located in the ancient city of China -- Liaoning province Liaoyang City.Since its found, the company always adhere to the "to win the market by quality, development by credibility" business philosophy, with high quality products to services customers, products are well received high praise by all the customers.

The company has a long history, set the R & D, production, sales all-in-one, relying on strong advantages in resources, the traditional craft and modern technology integration, products have fine workmanship, beautiful style,variety types, best-selling all over the country.

The company has a number of skilledexperts with rich practical experience, strict checks from the design,processing and other aspects to ensure that each product is unique, quality and quantity.
The company long-term development, to promote the jade culture, down-to-earth, unremitting pursuit,has become the industry leader.

Have a healthy life is the dream of every individual. In winter, brings for your personal warmth; in summer, gives you a cool refreshing.

Liaoyang Yiyuan jade products Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome people of insight to come to study cooperation, sharingof jade auspicious blessings


1.What’s the location of your factory?

   We located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province.

2.Where is your sea port?

   Our nearest port is Dalian port.


  Our MOQ is 1 set.

4.How about your packing?

  Our Packing is dust bag and carton.

5.Is possible to visit your factory?

   Yes, welcome to our factory for investigation.

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