Di Alta Qualità professionale guanti da portiere di calcio di alta Qualità

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Tedesco In Lattice, EVA, PVC,, Tedesco In Lattice, EVA, PVC,
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Portiere Guanti
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Capacità di fornitura:
55000.0 Pair/Pairs per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Each Individual pair of goalkeeper gloves is pack in customized packing
50 pairs of gloves is pack in 1 master carton
Dimension of the master carton is 23"x14"x23"
Sialkot DryPort
Product Description
This goalkeeper gloves are the most important piece of equipment for keepers.
The gloves will increase the performance and can make good difference between brilliant save and good effort.
The glove provide an excellent grip on the soccer ball, protect and cushion your finger and palm, and help you block, catch and punch the ball.
The gloves is made from a blend of natural and synthetic latex foams.
The backhand of the glove provides protection when punching the ball. The body of the glove and finger gussets usually connect the palm and backhand. The quality of the backhand also factor into the cost of the glove.
The palm of the goalkeeper gloves (along with the fingers) allows the goalkeeper to catch the ball.
Goalkeeper gloves with a god grip are considered match gloves.
Fingers are crucial to catching and securing the ball. a glove cut and size will determine how snugly the glove fits. Some keepers prefer a looser fit with more freedom of movement, while other prefer the control and security that a tightly fitted glove provides.
Product Type:
Goalkeeper Gloves
German Latex
German Latex New Basic
Sublimation Mesh Fabric & Gel Inject & German Latex New Basic on fingers and thumb   wrap over
All Cuts Available
Wrist Closure: 
Latex wrist bandage with neoprene for perfect hold on wrist
All colors available
10mm memory foam, pull loop, anti slip technology, extended palm, customized window strap, Gel Inject, Sublimation
Recommended for:
Professional / Elite Keepers
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Company Profile

In the Name of God, who is Almighty and most Merciful, our company Agora Impex / Rumel Sports Sialkot (Group of Companies) was established since 1983 under the patronage of our company managing director Sheikh Sheraz Pervez having blistering 35 years experience of manufacturing and exporting soccer ball, volleyballs, goalkeeper gloves, boxing, motorbike accessories textile and accessories including renowned brand all over the world with distinctions.

Soccer ball supply for international brands:
Agora Impex/Rumel Sports (Group of Companies) has the proud privileges to supply soccer ball to international renowned brands and gained worldwide reputation of producing international standard quality soccer ball & accessories.

First to introduce artificial leather in soccer industry:
our company was the first sporting goods company in Sialkot, Pakistan to introduce artificial leather for production of Soccer ball and now it has become the need of the day.

Modern Techniques Equipment's: under the guidance, skill, and prudence and sagacity of our company's managing director and with my 21-years marketing experience and dealing with my prestigious clients AGORA IMPEX/RUMEL SPORTS, are using modern techniques and equipments, which puts ahead of the others to produce economical products with quantity assurance and innovative sports goods for the maximum satisfaction of our honorable client's. We have the honor to produce different types (panels) of Soccer balls to meet the requirement of our valuable clients, which get good sale in their markets and territory as well.

Customer Satisfaction: for our client's satisfaction and to get information about global needs requirements of sports, we become the member of following association, so that our client's could trust and establish long term reliable business relations with us without any hesitation.

1. The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2. Pakistan Sports Goods Association
3. Pakistan Gloves Manufacturing Association
4. Pakistan Garments Manufacturing Association

CHILD LABOR STRICTLY PROHIBITED: We are closely working with chamber of commerce and IMAC for elimination of child labor form soccer industry and we are proud to say that CHILD LABOR IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED in our factory.

Our Motto is Customer's satisfaction comes first.

Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward to hearing from you and successfully conclusion of many deals to establish long term reliable business association.

Yours Truly,

Our Advantages

35 years experience

Agora Impex / Rumel Sports Sialkot (Group of Companies) was established since 1983 under the patronage of our company managing director Sheik Sheraz Pervez having blistering 35 years' experience of manufacturing and exporting soccer ball, volleyballs, goalkeeper gloves, boxing, textile and accessories including renowned brand all over the world with distinctions.

Quality guarantee

Our premium products have been tested and proven to work. We are so sure you will love the results you get from our premium products that we stand fully behind our work. That means you can purchase with confidence knowing that, even if it takes a little longer than planned, you WILL get the right results.

24-hour service

Agora impex has a big feature to assist our valuable customers around the clock

Packing & Delivery

Custom packaging

Each goalkeeper gloves individual pack  in customized packing


50 pairs pack in each Master Carton

Loading and delivery

As Per Customer demand

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