Organico solfato di trasporto, paraben libero, silicone di trasporto vegan shampoo anti forfora

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Regular Size
Anti-Itching Color Protecting Damage Repaired Moisturizing Nourishing Anti-Dandruff
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Dettagli in breve
Tipo dei capelli:
Anti-Itching, Colore-Protezione, Prevenzione di Capelli-Perdita, Nutrizione, Anti-Dandruff, La rottura di controllo
Ayurvedico di Licenza
Liquido denso
Segreti di bellezza senza tempo
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Punto d'origine:
Karnataka, India
Anti-L'effetto Crespo, Ispessimento/Volumizzante, Chiarire/Pulizia Profonda, Anti-Rottura/Split Ends
Nome del prodotto:
Detergente capelli
Forfora di Controllo, controllo di rottura, rafforzando, nutriente
200 ml
Ingrediente 1:
Di argilla verde, olio di Argan, olio di Cocco, latte di Cocco, Aloevera
Ingrediente 2:
Tè verde, Reetha, Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai, proteine del Grano
Ingrediente 3:
Proteine di mandorle, olio di Rosmarino, olio di Legno di Cedro, Teatree olio, olio di chiodi di Garofano
Prodotti Per La Cura dei capelli:
Premium anti forfora shampoo
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Box/Scatole di Cartone di imballaggio
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Product Description
Mediterranean Dew of the Sea Anti-dandruff & Detoxifying Cleanser For all hair types

Invite the rosemary's healing properties into your hair with the Mediterranean Dew of the Sea Shampoo by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This deep-cleansing, antioxidant-rich shampoo holds a botanical blend of naturally-inspired ingredients suited for a variety of hair types. Its protein-rich formulation is tailored to lock in moisture, fight dandruff and reduce hair fall from the very first wash. Highlighted by rosemary oil, the nutrient-suffused formula brims with infusions of potent green clay, which combats hair breakage and hair fall, wraps each hair strand in essential hydration and expels toxins, surplus sebum and build-up, while preserving the scalp's natural oil and pH composition. This silicon-free, sulphate-free shampoo contains soothing aloe vera and clove, which work as potent agents against dandruff-causing bacteria, exiling dandruff, dryness and dead cells from the scalp. The Mediterranean Dew of the Sea Shampoo has an exotic fragrance and is antiallergenic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Its foundation is rooted in an array of deeply moisturising elements, including tea tree oil, coconut oil, argan oil, cedarwood oil and clove oil. These are complemented by neem, green tea, wheat protein, amla, aloe vera, coconut milk, shikakai, lemon peel, reetha and almond protein.

Detailed Images

1.Soothes scalp conditions like dandruff and other types of inflammation

2.Significantly reduces hair breakage and fall during wash

3.Leaves hair soft and smooth

4.Strengthens and nourishes hair

5.For all hair types

Directions For Use

Massage a small amount on scalp and wet hair. Do not dilute with water. Rinse off well. Follow with conditioner and serum

Our Company

At Timeless Beauty Secrets, our products are a re-imagination of treasured ancient beauty rituals from various civilisations of the world. Conceived as a whole new paradigm in beauty and wellness, we aim to better lives by melding ancient wisdom with the science of tomorrow, by infusing ancient beauty rituals into thoughtfully customised solutions for your body. Our innovations endeavour to give women of today indulgent, time-honoured beauty rituals inspired by women of centuries past.

Our repertoire of treatments is composed of pure, safe, natural and highly effective skincare and haircare rituals, and is a harmony of the earth's finest and purest natural raw materials, sourced sustainably. With exotic ingredients like saffron, Mediterranean dew of the sea, Swiss Uttwiler apple stem cells, French and African clays, and oils like Hawaiian kukui nut and African baobab, our vitalising and rejuvenating products are icons of a forgotten era, when the miracles of pure botanical extracts, unrefined organic butters and oils, and herbal ingredients conjured tangible, potent and individually tailored results, powered by nature's bounty.

Every ingredient we use has a unique, therapeutic purpose, giving each product a rare potency that seeks to address a specific need. From powerful anti-ageing treatments to skin-lifting face masks, frizz-relaxing shampoos for curly hair to deeply moisturising body butters for rough and dry skin, our holistic, customised product range is blessed with essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals, and carefully developed keeping in mind an array of hair and skin types.

We understand that modernism isn't necessarily synonymous with purity and safety, especially when it comes to beauty. Our products are created by women, for women and are aimed at providing holistic traditional solutions in time-saving, contemporary formats. In a world where pure and safe beauty products are a rarity, we strive to relive 'the forgotten way' and reawaken the skincare and haircare routines of a simpler time, when natural ingredients were used in their most untainted, unadulterated and uncontaminated form. With a philosophy rooted in cruelty-free, environmentally-safe standards, our products give back to the earth in more ways than one.

Gift yourself a piece of the past with a bouquet of centuries-served beauty rituals by Timeless Beauty Secrets.

Packaging & Delivery

Box / Cartons packaging

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