2500lb 2 ton peso panchina 1000kg digitale A12E piattaforma bilance bilancia da pavimento

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    270,00 USD
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    265,00 USD
  • >=30 insiemi
    250,00 USD
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Carico stimato:
5 t 3 t
0.5 kg
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Punto d'origine:
Henan, China
Numero del Modello:
HX-scs-1.2 * 1.5
Alimentazione elettrica:
220 v o batteria Ricaricabile
Tipo di esposizione:
Bilancia a piattaforma elettronica bilancia da pavimento
Peso, display, stampa, Auto zero
Non-slip modello in acciaio, Acciaio Dolce
Tipo di scala:
Industriale bilancia Da Pavimento
Formato del prodotto:
120 millimetri * 150 millimetri
Classe di precisione:
OIML III Scale Standard
Pannello di Spessore:
0.2-5 kg
UN Tipo di
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
1.Standard di importazione e di esportazione pacchetto di trasporto
(A) 1 ~ 5 set, imballato dalla scatola di cartone e a prova di umidità pellicola di plastica e scatola di legno;
Più di 5 set, imballato dalla scatola di cartone, a prova di umidità pellicola di plastica e scatola di legno e pallet di legno.
(B) La spia imballato dalla scatola di legno, scala del corpo imballato dal pallet di legno.
2.Can essere personalizzato in base alle esigenze del cliente
qingdao,ningbo or other ports in China
Esempio di immagine:
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Quantità(Sets) 1 - 1 2 - 2 3 - 3 >3
Tempo previsto (giorni) 2 3 5 Da negoziare
Descrizione del video

2500lb 2 ton weight bench 1000kg digital A12E platform weighing scales floor scale

Product Description


When weighing explosive cargo or weighing in an explosion-proof area, the explosion-proof electronic weighbridge provided by Zhengzhou Huaxin Electronic Weighing Co., Ltd. ensures that you can safely and accurately weigh; this series of electronic weighbridge is a new design that draws foreign technology. The compact electronic platform scale, the frameless weighing platform is equipped with four explosion-proof high-precision cantilever beam sensors and explosion-proof weighing instruments. The system has the characteristics of high accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable operation, simple maintenance, etc. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, the surface is polished and brushed, the appearance is exquisite, waterproof and anti-corrosion; widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, military and other enterprises with explosive gas explosive atmosphere. Such as weighing liquefied gas, fuel, explosive materials, etc.

Explosion-proof mark: Exd[iaIIC Ga] IIC T6 Gb
The XK3190-Ex-C9G housing is cast in aluminum alloy and sprayed on the outer surface. The whole is an explosion-proof cavity type with a tempered glass window on the front for the instrument to display data. The box surface is provided with control operation buttons. The lower part is the cable entry connector. This product is suitable for hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres in Zones 1 and 2, IIA, IIB, IIC and T1 to T6 in petroleum and chemical industries.
Basic skills

1, using high-speed high-performance ARM processor, 32-bit precision floating-point operation;
2, industrial grade high reliability isolated power supply, 24V DC / 220V AC wide input, multiple protection;
3, high-precision A / D conversion, resolution up to 1/30000, multi-level digital filtering mode can be set;
4, using high stability and reliability design, strong anti-interference performance, suitable for harsh and complex industrial applications; 5, free weight calibration function, can directly input sensor parameter calibration; change the table without recalibration, just input the original instrument The parameters can be used;
6, fully isolated 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA analog output, multi-mode calibration;
7, fully isolated RS485 and RS232 dual serial port high-speed output; flexible communication mode (continuous transmission and command response);
8. Universal ModBus-RTU protocol interface, which can seamlessly interface with multi-vendor communication protocols;
9. External large-screen current loop output interface;
10, isolated switch 3 into 3 out control, integrated with the addition scale, subtraction scale, sorting scale function;
11, upper and lower limit alarm output function, flexible peak hold function;
12, with 5-point nonlinear correction function to improve the adaptability of the sensor or weighing platform;
13. Optional serial printer interface, manual printing of weighing list;
14. Optional standard Profibus-DP field industrial bus.
15. A variety of operation information and error message prompts, with the function of restoring factory settings.
16. The core circuit includes a patent-pending self-diagnosis function for anti-overload and short-circuit prevention.
Technical Parameters

Accuracy: Level 3, n=3000
Input signal range: -15mV ~ +15mV
Nonlinear: ≤0.01%F.S
Number of sensor connections: 1 to 4 350Ω sensors
Sensor for bridge power supply: DC: 5V
Sensor connection method: 6-wire system, long-line automatic compensation.
Display: Single row 7-bit LED, word height 0.8 inches, 7 status indications
Division value: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
Keyboard: 6 explosion-proof jog buttons
Large screen display interface: serial output mode, 20mA constant current source signal.
Communication interface: all the way RS232, all the way RS485. Baud rate 1200 ~ 9600 optional
Print interface: shared with serial port, can be connected to serial printer

Relay output: contact capacity AC220V/DC24V; 0.5A
External control input: switch contact (closed when active)
Use power: AC220V or DC 12~24V
Use temperature and humidity: 0~40°C; ≤85%RH
 Storage and transportation temperature: -20 ~ 50 ° C
Size: Installation size 335×270mm Dimensions 300×300×150mm

 Scale body structure
The unique U-shaped steel bridge structure has the characteristics of high strength, good steel property, simple and compact structure, etc. The bearing capacity of the scale body is more than 30% stronger than that of the general weighing platform; the inner cavity of the weighing platform is completely sealed and is not easy to rust. After the steel plate is treated by shot blasting and descaling, it adopts epoxy zinc-rich primer and acrylic acid marine paint, which is not easy to rust, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and anti-corrosive. Beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.

Users should pay attention to the selection of explosion-proof floor scales

1. First determine the hazardous medium in which it is used and the area in which it is located.
2. Determine the explosion-proof form, category, level and temperature group of the instrument in turn.
3. Gas explosion-proof and dust explosion-proof are completely different. Coal mine explosion-proof and conventional explosion-proof are completely different.
4. Explosion-proof electronic platform installation and use must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications.

According to the needs of customers, there are two ways for customers to choose

1. Explosion-proof configuration: Put the explosion-proof weighing instrument and the explosion-proof platform scale themselves in the danger zone.
Features: Because the explosion-proof weighing instrument is placed in the danger zone, the accessories connected to it are required to be explosion-proof. At present, many options are not explosion-proof products.
Limits the expansion of the product in terms of functionality. Huaxin Weighing's products have an explosion-proof large screen to meet the requirements of outdoor display weight.
All of the above electrical components are analog.

2. Composite configuration: Place the non-explosion-proof weighing instrument in the safety zone, and place the scale body, sensor and junction box in the danger zone.
Features: Because the instrument is placed in a safe area, the options connected to it can be connected. For example, the printer, weighing management software, computer, etc. can be selected, and the function is more expandable. When an outdoor large screen display is required, an explosion-proof large screen can be connected. The electrical components are all analog.

Adopting the internationally recognized U-bridge mechanical design, the weighing capacity of the scale body is enhanced by more than 30% compared with the general weighing platform;
The scale body adopts the pattern steel as the weighing platform material, and the pure steel weighing platform is durable.
The company has developed a variety of styles of weighbridges, which can be customized according to different user needs: single-layer weighbridge, double-layer weighbridge, ultra-low weighbridge, explosion-proof weighbridge, cushioning platform weighbridge and so on. .

Technical Parameter

NameHuaxin electronic platform scale / Huaxin electronic small floor scale
product manualHuaxin small floor scales are equipped with 4 Evergreen high-precision sensors, one Shanghai Yihua A12E instrument. The professional platform signal line is 5 meters, and other related accessories such as slopes can be selected.

Product color


grey blue
Product technologyHigh precision A/D conversion
product materialPatterned steel and U-shaped steel
Maximum weighing1T/3T/5T
Graduation value0.05-5kg
FeaturesWeighing, peeling, zeroing, accumulating
Power supply type220V rechargeable battery

Platform Scale

Production Process


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Q1:what about the Product quality?

(1) Every one keeps the QC from the very beginning to the very end, all material we used are meet GB standard, skillful workers care every detail in handing each process,Quality control department specially responsible for quality checking in each process.

(2) In addition, our products are also certified by third-party testing organizations.ISO CE OIML.

Q2:What is the delivery time?

A:3-15 days after payment

Q3:what is the MOQ?

A:1 set and we are a manufacturer,and we can provide the competitive price and good quality.

Q4: Does your company accept customization?
We have excellent design team, and we accept OEM.

Q5:How about the payment?

A:supports L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram payments,Trade assurance for orders




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