Pulizia Camion-Delle Acque Reflue di Vuoto e di Pulizia Camion

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Tipo di trasmissione:
Campione di emissione:
Euro 3
Tipo del combustibile:
Dimensioni (L x W x H) (mm):
Peso Lordo del Veicolo:
Punto d'origine:
Eskisehir, Turkey
Numero del Modello:
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
20 Unit/Units per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
RORO o Basso letto
Eskisehir & Gemlik & istanbul
Tempi di consegna: :
45 Days

The machine shall be used for suction of sludge and other dirt from portable toilets by the vacuum action of the vacuum pump and necessary washing with high pressurized water. The unit shall include a positive displacement vacuum pump and a high pressure water pump for those operations. The machine shall be equipped with self-contained water supply as the water source for the high-pressure pump. All materials coming from the portable toilet’s sludge tank shall be deposited within one cylindrical debris tank. All operations shall be able to be performed by one operator.



Volume                      : The body shall be cylindrical shaped for maximum strength and has a volumetric capacity of 7.500 Lt. which is divided in two parts; 5.000 lt. for sludge and 2.500 lt. for clean water.

Material                      : Thickness of 5 mm steel EN10025 – S235jr (vacuum resistant steel)

Front & Rear Lids        : 6 mm steel EN10025 – S235jr, bulge according to DIN28011.


Vacuum Pump

Moro AC5. Forced convection air cooling vacuum pump with fans.

Incorporated oil pump, incorporated check valve, incorporated change over valve.  Suitable

for heavy industrial applications.

Capacity                   : 13000 lt/min

Maximum Vacuum       : % 95  Absolute Pressure       : 2 bar.

Drive Type                : Driven by truck PTO as a power source, without causing any  

efficiency loss.

Safety for Vacuum System

 1- Primary Cut-Off / 2- Moisture Trap / 3- Pressure Relief Valve / 4- Vacuum Relief Valve

High Pressure System


Water Pump               : Rottest MK30/18. High pressure triplex plunger pump.

Max Pressure              : 180 bar.

Max Flow                    : 30 lt./min.

Drive Type                 : Driven by a hydraulic pump.


Reels & Hoses            : Manually controlled cleaning hose reel which is equipped with dia. of ½” - 20 mt high pressure hose is placed on a suitable side of the tank.


Control System     

All the functions of truck mounted unit shall be activated from the driver cabin for maximum security. (System on/off) Vacuum pump start/ stop and high pressure pump start/stop controls shall be manually activated from a control panel of easy access.


Hydraulic System        : All hydraulic elements in the system shall be heavy-duty and suitable for hot climate conditions. Hydraulic system shall consists of an oil tank, return filter, temperature and oil level indicator, cooling radiator and a discharge valve. All hydraulic pipe and hoses shall have enough resistance for 200 bar working pressure.



Hose Trays                 : Along with both sides of the tank.  

Access Ladder            : Mounted on a suitable place of the tank to reach upside.

Warning Lamp            : 2 units, one is on the front of the tank, the other is at the rear of the tank.

Projectors                   : 2 units fixed at the rear of the tank , 1 unit with 8 meter extension cable

Mud guard                  : Polyethylene, made for the rear wheels of the truck

Suction Hoses             : Total of 15 meters , high endurance suction hoses with the following configuration.

Dia. of 4", 3-meter suction hose, with quick couplings at the ends. (3 units)

                                   Dia. of 4", 6-meter suction hose with quick couplings at the ends. (1 unit)

Water Filling Hose       : 1 unit , dia. of 2 ½”- 20-meter length 

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