ecobranch aloe vera lenitiva umidità gel

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Tipo del rifornimento:
OBM (fabbricazione originale di marca)
Quantità Disponibile:
Di erbe
Ingrediente principale:
Aloe Vera
Punto d'origine:
South Korea
Numero del Modello:
Capacità di fornitura
Capacità di fornitura:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Confezionamento & Consegna
Tempi di consegna: :
30 days


The soothing gel keeps the skin moisturizing with less stickness.

[ECOBRANCH] Aloe Vera Soothing Moisture Gel

The soothing gel keeps the skin moisturizing with less stickness.
It soothe skins by applying frequently whenever you feel dryness and sensitivity.
Moistures up skin and keeping the temperature down.

- Apply anywhere you like, your face, hair or even body.
- Everyone can use, from kids to adults.


Free from 8 elements:
    Animal Oil-Free
    Mineral Oil-Free
    Artificial colouring-Free


Good for Face Aloe gel texture makes skin fatigued due to external environment comfortable and moist by providing fresh moisture with excellent skin-soothing effect.
Good for Body & Hand Making dry skin of arm, leg, elbow, knee and hand flexible and healthy by filling up with moisture.
Good for Hair Making hair glossy and soft one.


How to Use

Take out a suitable amount of contents and spread softly on dry part of split ends of hair, face and body to be absorbed.

You can use Aloe in many different ways:
As moisture pack to sooth your weary skin.
Damaged Hair Treatment.
As aftershave after shaving.
As Eye packs to relax your eyebags.
Water shine your makeup.
Moistures and softens your nail cuticles.
Soothing pack after undergoing cosmetic procedures.
Soothing gel for irritated skin.


Aloevera mucus, well moisturized and outstanding moisturinzing effect,keeps regular moisture
in the skin unaffected by humidity of outside. Andmore, it gives moisture to dry skin, and
controlls sebum in case of oily skin.
Therefore this product can make your skin beautiful without reference to skin type.


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